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Apr 6, 2017 · 6 min read

If you don’t know yet, you are losing a lot of awesome design inspiration everyday… we have interviewed one of their founders who explained to us about his life as a designer and how Muzli was built.

Describe a day in your life.

This is what a regular day of mine looks like: I jump out of bed around 6am to the sound of my alarm clock (Itay, my son). I spend an hour or two with him, which are surely the most satisfying and great hours of my day.

I arrive at Muzli’s office, which is located in the very heart of Israel’s startups center — Tel Aviv, around 9 o’clock.

If there is someone that hasn’t heard of Muzli yet, then in a few words, it is an extension for designers, developed by Ohad Aviv and I, and was acquired by InVision a year ago. Actually, we bind the coolest, most interesting and creative content from around the web, and provide a quick, comfortable access to designers’ needs.

Back to our business.

After a strong morning coffee, I start my workday checking the e-mails that have accumulated during the night and the social networks of Muzli.

At 10am the first and intensive session of reviewing all my sources in Muzli starts. Simultaneously, I search for interesting content to upload to Muzli.

At 11am, I start working on the materials that will be uploaded to our Medium blog later in the day. The content that I create is based on lists of visual content. The idea is creating qualitative content for our readers to consume in a few seconds, without feeling they need to stop everything and devote special time to read an article.

At 1pm, I launch the post in Medium and go out for lunch.

At 2pm, I break into another session of searching for interesting content to upload, and go through the dozens of links and articles sent to us daily.

3pm — the second part of the day is Muzli devoted to designing the future versions of Muzli and other products that we work on.

6pm is the time for a third session of content searching.

As a judge at the Awwwards website, I attempt to devote 10 minutes for ranking websites around 6.30pm on a daily basis. I must note that I really enjoy doing it.

As you have probably realized, I have one of the best jobs one could ask for.

Around 7pm, I get home and start working on putting my son to sleep; which is a very complicated task.

8pm — dinner and quality time with my wife in front of the TV.

10pm — I search for inspirational content for Muzli, while watching TV, browsing Facebook, handling e-mails, and sometimes watching a TV series.

Around 1am, I finish my day playing NBA on my iPad.

This is what a standard day of mine looks like, plus 5–6 cups of coffee :)

Which are your favorite work tools? (physical & non physical)

It’s not really fair to pick only one work tool, so I’ll go for three :) InVision, Sketch and a checkered notebook.

How do you see the role of the designer evolving in the future?

The challenges that we are about to face in the future are fascinating. The importance of design is increasing in the world. Today we mostly design for an environment in which we know how our design looks and behaves, but in the near future, with the entrance of augmented reality into our lived, the challenge will be designing for changing, not necessarily defined environments, for changing weather and lighting, and for a few dimensions at the same time. Designers will have to learn new tools and rules that will fit in the world of design without clear boundaries. I just hope that we will do a great job redesigning the world :)

Who are your most admired designers?

Dieter Rams, Massimo Vignelli and Philippe Starck are designers that I really love. If you are a graphic designer, products designer, fashion designer or an Architect, you will appreciate their pieces. Their work is timeless, unique and crossing design fields.

What are your latest readings? Tell us about them.

I have to admit that besides the articles that are sent to us, which I have to read as part of my job, I am not a person who likes to read. I get bored very quickly when I read. I prefer to gain knowledge quickly using my eyes.

What are the topics you are most interested in?

The topic that interests me the most lately is AR (Augmented Reality), I believe that before the drones, the automatic cars and the artificial intelligence, it will be the next big thing to change the world.

What piece of advice would you give to a Junior Designer:

My tip for young designers is to keep designing non-stop. Design something new every day, experience and challenge your own abilities as much as you can and as long as you enjoy it. There will come the day when you don’t have the passion to experience new, challenging and cool things, and work becomes routine.

Tell us about building a product like Muzli

The beginning was very fast. Two weeks after starting to work, we had the product launched.

We were the audience of the product we built, thus we did not have to conduct much preliminary research, and it saved us money and precious time.

We verified our intuitive decisions against the data we had received two weeks after starting to work on the product; therefore, we could quickly understand what worked, what didn’t work and where our problems were. Consequently, we were able to fix the product quickly and observe the immediate effect of each change.

Unlike the norm, we chose not to raise money from investors, and kept a reduced structure of the company and staff. I call it a commando team — a small, super qualified team. Every team member is in charge of 3 to 4 work fields besides their major field. This structure allows rapid motion and perfect synchronization between different fields regarding the work on the product, and less engagement in managing the employees and administration. It also exempts us from unnecessarily chasing after money.

The design community embraced the product, adopted it quickly and helped us in gaining much exposure, while overcoming our competitors.

Another factor that marked us as a leading product in the design field was of course being acquired by an amazing company as InVision.

Personally, I can say there is nothing more fun than working on a product that you are its audience; a product that its effect on the designing world is so extensive.

We are currently working on the next big version of Muzli, which in our opinion is going to be super interesting. There is a lot to get excited about :)

Favorite Food: Ice cream

Favorite City: Amsterdam

Daily Transport: Car

Favorite Marker brand: i don’t have one :)

Smartphone model: iPhone 6


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