Startups that were founded by designers you didn’t know about

Think of any successful and famous startup and, most likely, their founders were either engineers or business people. Nonetheless that trend is reverting. Products and services that you use on daily basis are now created and delivered by startups whose founders are designers. Here you can see some of these companies and their founders.

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Founded by Chad Hurley, during his tenure at Ebay, Hurley designed the original PayPal logo.

Chad Hurley, co founder at Youtube


Founded by Charles Adler, in addition to creating Kickstarter, graphic designer Charles recently launched Lost Arts, a new workspace for ambitious creatives.

Charles Adler, co founder at KickStarter


Founded by Brian Chesky, industrial designer Brian gained a spot on TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2015.

Brian Chesky, co founder at Airbnb


Founded by Rob Kalin, Kalin originally aspired to be a furniture designer before starting the popular creative marketplace Etsy.

Rob Kalin, co founder at Etsy


Founded by David Karp, Even though Karp didn’t earn a high school diploma, he is a successful young web designer.

David Karp, founder at Tumblr


Founded by Evan Sharp, Sharp went on to found Pinterest after his success designing for Facebook.

Evan Sharp, co founder at Pinterest is a list of TOP designers (ux designers, ui designers, or product designers) curated weekly by David Martín Suárez.

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