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to all font users and creators around the world.

Welcome! Great to see you :)

Welcome to DSigner Creatives

Hello and great to see you on Medium! DSigner Creatives is a tech-contents-startup business that provides a clear and safe marketplace for designers and creators.

As I previously mentioned, we are a technology-based contents serving startup aiming to solve problems that designers encounter. Although some of you may believe that technology and design are unrelated, both technology and design have their own unique features that are often intertwined, with labels such as ‘tech-based design’ or ‘design-based technology’. DSigner Creatives believes that technology for designers will lead the future for the industry where there are still many resources including images, videos, fonts, and other assets that could become useful contents through technology. For example, technology could help publicize and share the work of a designer.

A year ago, we dived into solving problems for designers and creators in the font marketplace. We began by restructuring the information architecture and UX for the font search process based on several factors, including pricing, plans (like ‘Adobe Typekit subscription’), and licenses. To satisfy both users and providers, we tried to find out a vital resource that could keep our platform alive and active. The answer was simple; it was the CONTENTS from users. Current font providing platforms are static rather than alive and because of the one-way flow that blocks the font user’s engagement inside the font marketplace, there is no centralized place where the users can interact.

Introducing Li-Fo Beta

Li-Fo stands for License information of Fonts. License agreements and usage conditions are often very complicated, ambiguous, and time consuming to read. Although you may want to skip reading them, following the licenses and usage conditions is mandatory, especially in the marketplace. It is difficult to save all the license conditions in one’s brain and manage it every time when using different fonts. Therefore, you can search through the legal data on Li-Fo and check to see whether you can use the desired font in your product or work.

License based font information that you wanna check!

There are 10 common usage conditions to filter font results and more than 80,000 font families from various font providers. With our simple pricing and usage conditions, you can search for almost every font you need. This beta version includes simple but necessary services and information. We would appreciate your feedback after using this feature! Thank you.

Li-Fo Beta Service is available now. Check here!

Next Plan

Li-Fo service will become a font management tool and marketplace platform for font users and providers. DSigner Creatives is currently working on enhancements for the Li-Fo service with verified license information. We are also developing an innovative way of managing fonts. Li-Fo’s font manager will be added on the Li-Fo web service which will allow you to sync your local system fonts with the online font database. You will be able to organize your team’s or project member’s font resource based on various conditions and tags. Additionally, you will be able to see which fonts are trendy for certain design subjects.

Our Goal

We want to create a font-marketplace where both designers and font providers can interact with live contents. Li-Fo is currently an information serving website, but it is going to be a content serving platform with clear and safe communications. Every major update and blog will be posted through this Medium page. Thank you for visiting our Medium Page and see you on Li-Fo!