Making an Infographic in Photoshop

After creating an infographic in PowerPoint, I was asked to make another. Rather than use the same program twice, I decided to try Photoshop, as I have used the program for years and figured it would allow more creative freedom!

The purpose of this infographic was to teach students how to properly summarize and paraphrase, with the theme being Star Wars. The infographic is a little text-heavy, but I found a way to work with the material to try and make it more visually appealing.

Here is a sample of the upper-portion of the infographic.

I used light colors for the text to be more legible against the dark backgrounds. I also tried to maintain the Star Wars feel by sticking to the same color scheme as the original films, such as the yellow scrolling text.

The benefit of making an infographic in Photoshop is how much you can do. Photoshop allows the user to use multiple shapes, colors, texts, and even allows the creator to draw their own elements within the piece. I used this to my advantage.

Here is the Milenium Falcon I created in Photoshop for the infographic

Overall Photoshop allows the user to implement almost whatever they want into their creation, as they have the ability to make their own graphics. The program may take a while to completely figure out, but it’s definitely worth it. This infographic took me significantly less time than the last one as well, in case speed is a necessity for your own project!