Meet the DSL Team: Joe Humer

Joe Humer (pronounced “humor”) has been a member of the DSL team for two years now, where he supervises the student staff, manages digital equipment and the large format printer, as well as collaborates with Elizabeth Gibes (Digital Scholarship Librarian) on projects in the Lab and provides tech support to students needing assistance on equipment or software. He says his job is really just to keep the Digital Scholarship Lab running, but what you might not know is that that includes managing overdue fines and lost equipment, troubleshooting broken or malfunctioning equipment, helping students and staff with issues like how to get video files from the camera they’ve checked out to their laptops, and giving general class orientations to the Lab as a whole. And his job is always changing as the needs of the Lab and the Marquette community change; in fact, Joe is the library’s first Digital Media Specialist, meaning that he and the DSL team continue to work to identify new tasks and responsibilities as technology improves and the needs of the Digital Humanities field grows.

Joe came to Marquette with a background in technology and a degree in broadcast journalism from UW-Whitewater, and so far, he’s really enjoying the community here. He says the people of Marquette are the best thing about working here, and one of his favorite parts of his work is collaborating with and helping students. Especially helping with projects for their classes, he says, because “it is just so cool to see and hear the ideas that some of the students are coming up with.”

Joe Humer (R) and his wife.