A Disruptive Concept: Buying Merchandise On-Demand vs. in Bulk for the Direct Selling Industry

So, you’ve finally secured a sales team that intends to distribute your branded merchandise to prospective customers at an upcoming conference. What do you do? Most likely, you place an order for a lot of merchandise– think T-shirts, drinkware and other trendy products, splashed with your company’s logo.

After the thrill of the conference is over, you’re left with a stockpile of inventory. One of the necessary evils of branded merchandise is exorbitant minimums– often from multiple vendors– to keep your cost-per-item low. But, after a period of time, those trendy products become passe. You’re left with inventory that you need to discount or discard.

Not only can this loss be calculated monetarily, but the perceived value of your brand can be at stake as well. This is a challenge that brands have faced for decades, but at JN Agency we’re shifting the status quo with our dslaunch suite of services.

At JN Agency, we’re completely transforming the options available for small businesses owners offering the option to purchase on-demand versus in-bulk orders for branded merchandise.

Why? Because we can. Because no one else is doing it this way. Because it’s smart business.

Imagine placing orders for branded merchandise on-demand, purchasing only what you need, and allowing your sales team to order-as-they-go, too. The cost per unit is still reasonably low, and you’re not risking a huge investment on product that may or may not sell. That’s what we offer.

How? Armed with 38 years of experience in the printing industry, we know how to efficiently design the most functional products for the direct selling industry. We’ve already invested in the initial startup costs for ecommerce storefronts and product development. We’ve done the R&D and know what products are in high demand, and how to implement slick-yet-effective designs to keep costs low.

Plus, we service dozens of online ecommerce stores to make this model possible. We’re applying the Long Tail profit theory by distributing fixed costs across multiple clients who benefit from the savings.

So, embrace the new model and wrap your head around your new option to buy on demand. Check out the details of the services we offer here and take back control over your inventory.