Maskcara Kicks Off Selling Program with JN Agency’s DS Launch Kits & eStore

Mani O'Brien
Feb 17, 2017 · 3 min read
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JN Agency was thrilled to recently partner with beauty blogger-turned-entrepreneur Cara Brook for the launch of her Artist-repped beauty line, Maskcara, offering distributor kits and branded e-commerce store solutions for her new sales team.

Brook was featured in NY Times for parlaying her social media success into a business venture back in 2014– and her business has only grown since. While Brook has sold beauty products on her blog in the past, she’s taken her business to new heights by transforming loyal fans into direct selling sales reps a.k.a. Maskcara “Artists.”

Within three hours of hosting her virtual kick-off party last month, Maskcara received hundreds of signups. JN Agency was there to support the team with beautiful, ready-to-ship distributor kits and a Maskcara branded e-commerce store for Brook’s new Artists ( to order all the materials they need to be successful.

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Maskcara’s e-commerce store by JN Agency’s dslaunch features clean, minimalist design and user-friendly functionality which creates higher merchandise revenue.

“It means so much to me as a business owner to be able to create a happy work environment,” says Brook about her new venture. “To be generous with the people I work with and to know that their source of income is also a source of happiness in their life.”

Although she had options, Brook decided that she didn’t want to introduce her product via traditional brick-and-mortar shops, opting instead to share profits with her loyal fans-turned-reps through a direct-selling model.

“I know this company inside and out and I want to be the one to continue to train those who are sharing it. I want to be confident in their knowledge and skill level,” she says. “I want to know that they are sharing [Maskcara] because they love it and they believe in it like I do… I know it’s you who I want to be sharing profits with.”

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Maskcara’s mobile-friendly e-commerce store for distributor reps, designed by JN Agency through their dslaunch service. The store was designed with mobile in mind. The responsive design allows distributors to get the tools they need anywhere, on any device.

JN Agency’s on-demand distributor kits and branded e-commerce store offered Maskcara a seamless, scaleable solution to deliver exquisitely designed and cost-effective marketing materials reflective of Maskcara’s brand standards and customer experience.

“We are so happy to be working with MaskCara Beauty. Their team has really taken the reigns and created beautiful product designs to put on the Branded eStore,” says JN Agency CEO Joe Bui. “We are producing all these products on demand; which is the best scenario for both companies. This relationship is a partnership in the truest sense of the word.”

DS Launch is a premier solution for startups in the direct sales industry by JN Agency. We provide the essential branded products and services that help your distributors find success. We offer stunning on-demand distributor kits, fully-managed shared-profit eStores, seamless shipping and 38 years of experience to offer personalized guidance to direct selling industry startups and veterans alike. Learn more about our services at


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