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What can a ghostwriter help you to write?

Thinking about hiring a ghostwriter? Here’s what they can do — and more!

Are you interested in hiring a ghostwriter for your next writing project? Are you interested in learning about what kind of writing projects a ghostwriter could help you with?

Read on!

Ghostwriters Write More Than Just Books

Classically, ghostwriters are thought of as hired literary guns whose purpose is to write books on behalf of clients.

Indeed, many ghostwriters continue to specialize in helping their clients produce both fiction and non-fiction books.

While self-publishing has made becoming a book author much more accessible to a wider variety of people, many ghostwriters are nevertheless capable of helping clients write a much wider variety of materials.

While the classic definition of ghostwriting might only reflect book authorship, a broader understanding of ghostwriting encompasses any text for which the ghostwriter doesn’t receive formal attribution in the form of a byline.

These days, ghostwriters are tapped by individuals ranging from business leads to celebrities to author a diverse selection of literary genres.

Some of the common outputs include.

Ghostwriters Can Author Speeches

While speechwriters aren’t typically thought of as ghostwriters, I think that fact is quite illogical!

Speechwriters prepare speeches for their clients but receive none of the credit. While they write for the ear rather than the eye, like literary ghostwriters they’re the invisible hands and minds that make their principals sound eloquent. They also help shift the burden of the heavy lifting of writing away from the busy buisinesspeople, politicians, and diplomats who typically hire them.

Need a speech written? It might be worth asking a ghostwriter is they also handle speechwriting.

Ghostwriters Can Write Articles and Blogs

These days, so much writing takes the form of articles and blogs.

Ghostwriters are commonly called upon to help their clients write both of these popular formats.

What’s the difference? The dividing line is a little blurry but:

  • Blogs are published online. Articles can be published in print media.
  • Online publications that solicit ‘articles’ sometimes require a higher standard of authorship

Interested in working with a ghostwriter to author your articles, blogs, speeches, and books? Visit DSRGhostwriting.com.



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