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All That Node Adds South Korea Region

Taking the next step towards achieving global decentralization

November 25, 2022 – We’re excited to share that All That Node has expanded its service to the South Korea Region in order to better support its domestic users. Now developers in Korea and throughout Asia can access blockchain nodes and data securely and quickly through All That Node. This includes access to archive data as well of course! Our mission being to connect you to Web3 infrastructure and data with ease, adding this new region means we can offer developers equal access from everywhere.

As Web3 extends its reach increasingly across the globe, the need for uninterrupted service and uptime becomes exceedingly vital. The cryptocurrency market, unlike the stock market, as well as the decentralized crypto industry (i.e. DeFi) must continue operating 24/7 in order to deliver on its promises. This means that constant and unrestricted access to blockchain data and nodes is paramount.

Plus, the more users there are, the more robust the connection to the blockchain must be. With All That Node’s enterprise-grade service, developers and businesses alike around the world can easily and quickly access nodes regardless of their location. On that note, let’s take a look at the newly added Korea region!

Why is it important to run nodes in diverse regions?

When we think about blockchain, decentralization is arguably one of the first things that comes to mind. Unlike most networks that use a single central server, the blockchain ecosystem is a network composed of multiple servers (called nodes) dispersed across the globe. So why set up an RPC node in Korea?

Above is a node distribution map of our most well-known blockchain projects. As in the map above, most blockchain network nodes are concentrated in the Europe and America region. You might be wondering whether this poses some risk (if so, you’re right!). But why?

1. Don’t put all your eggs in one basketinsufficient geographical distribution

Let’s say that Europe experiences problems with electricity supply in the aftermath of the war in Ukraine. This could potentially paralyze the nodes based in Europe, disrupting the wider network. A similar situation could arise due to natural disasters, and undermines the very goal of decentralization.

2. Network speed matters opportunity loss due to regional differences in network speed

Some may simply need faster network communication than others. The owner of a trading company here must be able to act swiftly when arbitrage opportunities arise. If they rely on nodes in other regions, say the US, they are at a disadvantage compared to America-based competitors (who benefit from blockchain infrastructure built in their region). Teams operating blockchain services in Asian countries, such as Korea, can expect the best performance when connecting with Asia-based nodes.

Just as carriers expand their infrastructure for enhanced security and faster communication speeds, cloud service companies establish servers closer to customers to reduce data and application access latency. Similarly, as the Web3 industry matures it must also prioritize regional diversity in order to provide a better user experience for developers, dApps, and ultimately end users.

How to Get Started with South Korea Region Nodes on All That Node

1. Sign up for an account with us on All That Node. If all you need are public nodes, you don’t even need to sign up!

2. Click “Protocols," and select the network you wish to use.

3. Incredibly simple, right? Here you can easily find endpoints provided by nodes in the South Korea region.

If you require more advanced features, be sure to check out our reasonably priced Paid Plan!

Why All That Node?

With an extensive array of experience, DSRV provides the best Web3 infrastructure so developers can simply give their best on the projects they’re building, instead of worrying about Dev/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, etc.

Don’t waste your valuable time and resources. Jump into Web3, free from concerns regarding node maintenance and synchronization.

Today, our network processes nearly 1B requests/ month on over 24 networks from all around the globe!

About All That Node

All That Node is a multi-chain node & data provider service powered by DSRV. Since 2021, we’ve worked with hundreds of developers and companies, helping scale projects and providing robust and seamless access to 24+ blockchains.

Stay tuned for more feature updates!

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