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All That Node: Announcing the Arrival of Faucets

Geared for Multi-Chain Building

Crypto faucets are essential when it comes to building the Web3 ecosystem. Aren’t faucets just for free crypto? Well, not exactly. While originally devised (by Gavin Andersen in 2010) to promote Bitcoin use and adoption, they now importantly help developers experiment and build on a number of different testnets.

Our job at DSRV is to anticipate and meet developer needs, starting with our free RPC Node Service and followed closely by the release of multiple faucets geared for multi-chain building. What we mean by this is that we offer a diversity of protocols, all from a single platform. We already support four protocols and their testnets, with many more to be activated shortly:


  • Goerli
  • Kovan
  • Rinkeby
  • Ropsten


  • Bombay


  • Devnet
  • Testnet


  • Mumbai

With our faucet service, you won’t have to worry about signing in or up, or completing any silly tasks. Instead, you can access any faucet you need from a single platform. To do this, simply head to All That Node and click on the Faucet page.

Choose the protocol you want, and then pick a network. The token amount left in each faucet is conveniently displayed beneath the network’s name.

Input your testnet address, select Claim Your Tokens, and you’re done! We have also included an additional faucet site for every network at the bottom (just in case!).

And of course, we wish to support our devs in every way possible. So if you have any spare testnet tokens, please donate to the address provided! It will make a developer’s day ❤️

DSRV is committed to fueling the growth of the multi-chain ecosystem. By building the essentials for our community, we can help shape the future of this space together.

Stay tuned for the release of more faucets, and as always, happy building!



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