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Announcing Our Website’s Full Launch

It’s official. We’ve fully rebranded, and now we’re ready to take you behind the scenes.

A Closer Look

Our official website is now live, enriched by a design language that reflects our vision. As we continue rolling out our product suite, we felt it was important that we deliver in a manner befitting our values and trajectory thus far. What does this look like?

It begins with capturing the essence of DSRV. By this we mean both that of our team and the community that defines us. A distributed and interconnected community that diversifies and evolves every day.

As infrastructure builders, we exist to enable and empower this community. From staying one step ahead of the curve and building solutions to power the future, to championing the ecosystem’s sustainable growth. Learn more about our approach here.

Whether you’re a buidler, a staker, or a newbie (welcome!), we’re here to support your journey in this space. That is our essence.

Our Brand DNA

Next is the matter of how we distilled this into our unique brand DNA. Inspired by our lively community — and grounded by our own proud validator roots — we found a solution. Graphic yet architectural, with a sleek glass finish that mirrors our principles of transparency and innovation.

Add to this a sophisticated yet simple color palette, enhanced visuals with interactive features, and a bold font to help us convey our message. To see for yourself, head on over to our Brand Identity Page.

Last But Not Least

You can now find all of our writing in one place, thanks to our new Content Page. With the knowledge that great content is truly the backbone of education, you can bet we’ll be building this section up soon. Keep an eye on this space, and feel free to follow us on Medium as well!

One last thing. You should meet the team. Our shared vision, expertise, and philosophy come together to create the unique synergy that defines DSRV. Together, we push forth the boundaries of this nascent industry, learning perpetually with and from one another.

Join us, and unlock your potential.




[DSRV’s Official Publication on Medium | DSRV 공식 미디엄 채널입니다] “Onboarding the World to Web3”

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