Introducing VATZ: For Next-Level Node Management

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3 min readJun 23, 2023


Today we’re pleased to introduce VATZ, the new open source software for validators and node operators alike! VATZ — short for Validator’s A to Z — is comprehensive tool for building, analyzing, and managing blockchain node infrastructure in an efficient and secure manner.

Running a node entails more than just starting it; maintaining reliable operation is the real challenge. This task is particularly crucial for validators, as any node malfunction or halt could lead to penalties. Early detection and problem resolution are key, making effective monitoring absolutely indispensable.

However, creating and setting up a system for every metric across multiple chains is no easy feat. For instance, there might even be a need to check metrics that aren’t natively supported by the protocol. Recognizing these challenges, we sought to develop a tool that gives everyone, from novices to experts, the ability to manage their own nodes with fewer resources.

Hence VATZ. Drawing on our extensive experience as validators, VATZ is primarily designed to check node states in real-time and receive alert of all protocols.

How does VATZ work?

VATZ’s architecture is built with plug-and-play functionality in mind, and made up of 3 components that work in tandem:

  • VATZ-Proto: API spec for VATZ (SVC) and VATZ Plugins that applies a platform-neutral data format allowing users to develop in the language they wish.
  • VATZ (SVC): Service that executes plugin APIs, checks plugin health, and sends notifications.
  • VATZ Plugins: Plugins that integrate with VATZ to support features like node status checks, metric collection, and command execution.

VATZ Key Features

Multi-protocol support

VATZ can manage any protocol through plugins, enabled by simple plugin development. While VATZ provides plugins for system utility and Cosmos Hub for now, you could easily create your own plugin to meet your needs using the provided SDK.

Infrastructure as Code

VATZ leverages a high-level configuration syntax to automate and manage plugin modules, streamlining operations.


Node logs and metrics are exported by a node exporter and monitored through monitoring tools like Grafana.

(Data Analysis and Change Automation features TBA later this year!)

Open-source, of course!

VATZ is all about community involvement– your contributions are more than welcome. Feel free to develop further, suggest feature improvements, and share your custom plugins with others!

Interested in trying VATZ? Visit our Github to get started!

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any further information about VATZ.

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