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4 min readJul 29, 2022


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We are now crossing over into the previously uncharted waters of the next-generation internet– a.k.a. Web3. Enter WELLDONE Studio. With the aim of delivering the tools most essential for navigating this space, our product suite is designed to guide users of every level.

Change always implies a certain degree of chaos. But within that chaos is opportunity for those bold enough to seek potential in a new world. When the World Wide Web was born in the 1990s, many simply brushed it off as an interesting concept rather than recognizing it as a game-changing technological leap. The pioneers that realized its potential in the early days are now changing the world. We believe that Web3 will be the same. While some may perceive Web3 as merely an intriguing tech idea, others will believe in its ability to reshape our current world. They are the ones that will embark on the exhilarating journey of redefining the boundaries of today.

WELLDONE Studio is built to enable next-generation pioneers to seamlessly join that journey. Perhaps the most significant obstacle today is a notable lack of unified development tools or environments as different chains entail different standards. The WELLDONE suite presents a collection of all-in-one individual products geared for multi-chain, to help you unleash your full potential in the Web3 space.

Built by DSRV

Already renowned as a global blockchain infrastructure provider, DSRV’s mission is to provide an entry point for all by powering the most optimized and accessible building environment.

A validator for more than 20 leading blockchain networks, DSRV has also launched All That Node—a multi-chain node API platform for Web3 builders—and is currently developing a service allowing users to easily access and track on-chain data.

A Closer Look at WELLDONE Studio

Integrating multiple environments into one elevated Web3 experience.

WELLDONE Studio was conceived to provide the tools most needed by Web3 developers. Both convenient and intuitive, the suite gathers the essential elements and unites them into a single, cohesive building experience. Even if you’re newly unfolding your wings within the Web3 space, our standardized tools will enable you to go through a consistent and high-level developing experience. So what’s in the suite?


Collect Here, Send Anywhere.

As wallet compatibility varies by blockchain, any Web3 player is familiar with the frustrating inconvenience of having to accumulate multiple wallets. Not to mention having to get used to a new UI/UX. Our solution? Simple. One integrated wallet that supports multiple chains.


Code Here, Deploy Everywhere.

The learning curve for smart contract development on multiple different chains can be steep, we know. On top of that, the lack of a unified development environment for chains other than Ethereum is a significant pain point. To solve this, we’re developing a multi-chain plugin that will allow you to develop and deploy smart contracts easily.


Multi-Chain Index for Web3

We know only too well the pain of having to rummage around to add networks once a new blockchain emerges. So we built AddChain, a tool that allows you to quickly find, add, and manage multiple blockchain networks from one platform. Launched in June 2022, AddChain is currently in service.


Crypto Assets, Assemble!

Why can’t I manage my assets on one platform? We assure you, any Web3 player has had this thought at least once. So this one’s fairly obvious. We’re building an integrated platform where you can gather all your scattered crypto assets onto one interface, and manage them. Easy.

A Last Word

It may still seem far off, but the next-generation internet is already here. The plethora of new chains emerging in the multi-chain ecosystem is proof of that.

As the saying goes, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” Community-driven and in it for the long run, WELLDONE Studio will be there to guide voyagers as they venture into Web3.

We invite you to find out more on our official website.

Our Core Values

WELLDONE Studio was founded based on three core values: universality, contribution, and boldness.

Delivering a powerfully enhanced and integrated experience for Web3 players across all chains.



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