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Introducing: WELLDONE Studio for Web3 Voyagers

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We are now voyaging into a new world of Web3 that hasn’t existed before. WELLDONE Studio aims to produce and deliver the most essential tools for Web3 explorers who are venturing out into an unknown world of ‘the next generation’s Internet.’

A new generation always seems like chaos. But this chaos also means an opportunity for people who find potential in that new world. In the 1990s, when the concept of the World Wide Web was born, many simply thought of it as an interesting idea rather than realizing that its technology would develop to impact the entire society. Pioneers who quickly realized its potential at its early stage are now those who are changing the world. This is the same with Web3. Some may think of Web3 as just an intriguing tech idea, but there will be some who believe that it will change the world and begin the exhilarating journey of exploring its potential.

WELLDONE Studio strives to join that journey by offering these explorers their most essential tools. One of the largest obstacles in this journey is that due to the different protocols that each chain uses, it is difficult to find unified developing tools or user environments. We hope that WELLDONE Studio’s efficient and convenient tools can help you reach your highest potential in the Web3 world.

Powered by DSRV

Already renowned as a global blockchain infrastructure builder, DSRV is establishing the most optimized environment for new opportunities in communities worldwide and for a safer Web3 experience. As a part of this effort, while acting as a validator for more than 20 main blockchain networks, DSRV has launched AllThatNode, a multichain node API platform for Web3 builders, and is also developing a service to help keep track of on-chain data.

More about WELLDONE Studio

We chose to integrate multiple environments into one elevated Web3 experience.

WELLDONE Studio makes tools that Web3 explorers such as developers and users most need. We gather all the experiences into one place so that the users’ journeys can become more intuitive and convenient. We also constantly contemplate how more users can conveniently use Web3. We exist to help you discover your hidden potential and lead you to the right path. WELLDONE Studio’s various tools are the results of these careful considerations.

Even if you’re a Web3 beginner, our standardized tools enable you to go through a consistent developing experience and user experience as others. Let’s take a look at these necessities for the Web3 journey.


Collect Here, Send Anywhere.

Because blockchains have different Wallets that are compatible, any Web3 user will have a shared inconvenience of having to familiarize oneself with a new experience every time one switches onto a different chain. To improve this problem, we’ve made an integrated Wallet that supports multiple chains.


Code Here, Deploy Everywhere.

The learning curve for developing each blockchain’s smart contract is high. On top of that, there does not exist a convenient and unified developing environment for chains other than Ethereum, which adds more stress for developers. As a solution, we are making a plug-in that assists in developing smart contracts for multiple chains and easily deploying them.


Multi-Chain Index for Web3

WELLDONE Studio understands more than anyone the pain of Web3 explorers having to move around here and there to add a network whenever a new blockchain emerges. For this, we’ve prepared a service where you can add and manage multiple blockchain networks in one place. AddChain was launched in June 2022 and is currently in service.


Crypto Assets, Assemble!

“I wish I could conveniently manage my assets that are all over multiple chains.” Any Web3 explorer would have thought of this at least once. To solve this problem, we are making an integrated platform where you can gather all the scattered crypto assets into one interface and manage them.

💡 A multichain wallet that is essential for developers and users who want to experience various blockchains, <WELLDONE Wallet>, a tool to easily add a network to your wallet, <WELLDONE AddChain>, a Remix Plug-in that allows you to develop and deploy at once in a multichain environment, <WELLDONE Code>, and an asset management platform where you can monitor and manage you various blockchain network assets, <WELLDONE Assets>, are all WELLDONE Studio services that will be launched in chronological order from the second half of 2022.

Summing up…

Without us even knowing, the birth of the ‘next generation of the Internet’ has already started. The proof of such a claim would be the new generation of myriads of multichains being produced.

Like the saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together,” WELLDONE Studio will always be by the side of voyagers who are exploring the new world called Web3.

We invite you to WELLDONE Studio’s official website.

About WELLDONE Studio

WELLDONE Studio has three core values, ‘Universal,’ ‘Contributory,’ ‘Pioneering,’ and acts accordingly to value proposition below.

Delivering a powerfully enhanced and integrated experience for Web3 players across all chains.



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