Meet WELLDONE Code: The Ultimate Multi-Chain IDE Plugin

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3 min readAug 31, 2022


If you’re a developer, you get the significance of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Case in point, the web-based Remix IDE transformed building on Ethereum into an exceptionally nimble and optimized process, powerfully propelling the entire ecosystem forward.

With smart contract development made accessible, onboarding to Ethereum has never been smoother.

But what about all the other chains?

Development environments can vary. Immensely.

Different development languages and environments raise the barrier to entry for Web3 devs.

The multi-chain ecosystem being truly diverse, building a dApp never looks quite the same. Between different languages like Solidity, Rust and Move, or Virtual Machines like CosmWasm, Sealevel or MoveVM, each endeavor requires renewed efforts. Simply running a test on an unfamiliar chain often entails starting from scratch.

And it doesn’t end there. Even as you read this, a new chain is being built, and a new language emerges.

Our solution? Lowering the barrier to entry with a plugin that takes the much-beloved Remix IDE multi-chain for the first time.

Enhancing productivity with versatile code.

At launch WELLDONE Code will support smart contract deployment and testing on Near, Celo and Klaytn.

WELLDONE Code is a Remix IDE Plugin that provides a single, comprehensive environment for builders to develop, deploy, and test smart contracts free from hassle. The days of building your own compiler server for each language are behind you. Instead, multitask fluidly and fluently in the Web3 space. Combine that with the convenience of automatically generated ABI, so you can seamlessly retrieve the key and value type in an easy and intuitive UI format. And do it all from a single platform.

Extremely convenient, designed to deliver your best performance yet. Go further, faster.

Three chains supported at launch: Near, Celo, and Klaytn. Next Solana, Osmosis, Juno, and Sui.

WELLDONE Code and Wallet. Experience exceptional synergy.

Connect easily to multiple chains by deploying multi-chain smart contracts with WELLDONE Wallet.

Pair our multi-chain plugin with WELLDONE Wallet for a deliciously superior development experience.

As wallet compatibility varies by blockchain, developers must typically use a new wallet every time they want to deploy a smart contract. With WELLDONE Wallet, connect instantly to the multi-chain sphere. Integrated and non-custodial, WELLDONE Wallet brings Web3 to you in one go.

Simply apply the plugin to Remix IDE to begin your multi-chain journey.

Want to get started today?

Learn about WELLDONE Code in our developer docs, then discover our Remix IDE Plugin here.

And don’t forget to enhance your multi-chain experience with WELLDONE Wallet.

Built by DSRV

DSRV is a blockchain infrastructure provider that builds essential multi-chain tools for the most optimized and integrated Web3 experience. A validator for more than 20 leading blockchain networks, DSRV has also launched All That Node — a multi-chain node API platform for Web3 builders — and is currently developing a service allowing users to easily access and track on-chain data.

Our Core Values

WELLDONE Studio was founded based on three core values: universality, contribution, and boldness.



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