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Time is precious, and we understand all too well the time you waste installing wallet after wallet. Not to mention the process of getting familiar with a brand new UI/UX, and managing multiple addresses.

So we’d like to introduce WELLDONE Wallet, the multi-chain wallet custom-made for today’s Web3 voyager. Versatile, fast, and effortless. For every kind of user who wants a better experience– whether you’re a builder, a designer, a mother, an investor or all the above.

WELLDONE Wallet was built for you.

A single wallet for all your assets (single never looked so good).

WELLDONE Wallet is an integrated, non-custodial wallet that allows you to freely manage your assets across any network. Navigate smoothly between chains and explore what Web3 has to offer. All your eggs in one basket.

Currently supports a total of seven industry leaders: Ethereum, Near, Solana, Celo, Cosmos, Neon, and Klaytn. Expect to see more EVM-compatible chains, Cosmos-based chains like Juno, and others like Sui and Aptos. And that’s just the beginning.

Bridges to every destination.

Built for global citizens. Our wallet offers not just one bridge per chain but a comprehensive selection because, in this case, more is more.

Simply compare the fees and transmission speeds to find the bridge you need. Solana and Neon bridges are supported at launch, with many more to come.

Level up your performance with a single provider. For developers that want more.

The tool you’ve been searching for all this time.

WELLDONE’s Universal Provider consolidates a world of Web3 providers into a single API, reducing development complexity and supercharging your output. By enabling developers to easily communicate with network nodes on chains that support JavaScript SDK, you can now enjoy the ultimate integrated dApp development experience. Ethereum, Near, Solana, Celo, Cosmos, Neon, and Klaytn are supported at launch.

No boundaries, no distractions, so much potential.

Ready? Your journey begins today.

Get started with your new wallet now.

And while you’re at it, check out the rest of the WELLDONE Studio suite on our official website.

Built by DSRV

DSRV is a blockchain infrastructure provider that builds essential multi-chain tools for the most optimized and integrated Web3 experience. A validator for more than 20 leading blockchain networks, DSRV has also launched All That Node — a multi-chain node API platform for Web3 builders — and is currently developing a service allowing users to easily access and track on-chain data.

Our Core Values

WELLDONE Studio was founded based on three core values: universality, contribution, and boldness.



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