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3 min readAug 30, 2023


It’s that time of year…

And just like that– our doors are open again.

Except this time, we’re relocating our annual Builder’s House across the seasons from summer into fall, from our cozy Gangnam office to a stunning penthouse in Seongsu overlooking the Han River.

Join us this September 3rd — 4th for DSRV Builder’s House: Sarangbang.

In a nod to the traditional Korean room used to invite guests, “Sarangbang” will be a meeting place for all builders* to gather and exchange knowledge.

*If you’ve made it here, you’re a builder.

From inspirational talks and hands-on workshops with leading teams, to exclusive panels and networking opportunities, Sarangbang is the place to come contemplate the state of Web3 today. Pulling from John Berger’s epistemic Ways of Seeing, this year’s Builder’s House invites all guests to discuss, reevaluate, and consider new “Ways of Seeing Web3.”

Like last year, we seek to prioritize quality over quantity, rapport over scale; while our event is free and open to all, it will retain the intimate feel of our first house. Sessions over two days will take place across three floors, with different rooms arranged according to session type. There will be open lounge space, empty meeting rooms for use, and a rooftop with a view.

Builder’s Day — Sept. 3rd

On this day, we’ll open our doors to every kind of builder. Whether you’re a seasoned dev or just taking your first steps in this space, we’ll have something for everyone. The day will be quite packed with a schedule running from 10:30am to 6:00pm, after which we welcome you to join us for a Builder’s Pizza Night. Come enjoy pizza from one of our favs, ASAP Pizza, then bond and unwind with some fellow builders over some ARK craft beer.

See full program for Day 1 here.

Institutional Day — Sept. 4th

Our second day targets industry builders and institutions who wish to understand blockchain from a business perspective. Join us for alpha and insights, from 10:00am to 6:30pm. You can expect to hear from top players in the staking and validator business, leading protocols, enterprise-grade node service providers, DeFi infrastructure solutions, and leaders in Korean crypto regulation.

See full program for Day 2 here.

A warm shout-out to this year’s brilliant lineup of partners, who helped make this event possible. Aleo, Aptos Labs, bloXroute Labs, Celo, CertiK, CryptoQuant, Decipher, ether.fi, Ewha-chain, Figment, Four Pillars, ION DAO, Injective Labs, Jungyeop Lee, Kintsugi Tech, Korbit, Lido, MARBLEX, MVNT, Merkle Trade, Nethermind, Nonce Classic, Obol Labs, Osmosis, Polygon, Proximity Labs, Remix, Rádius, Sangmin Kim, Solana, ssv.network, Sui, SuperWalk, Symbiosis, Taiko, Test in Prod, Volmex Finance, and ZetaChain– thank you.

If you haven’t registered yet, not to worry, there’s still time to do so here.

Got a question? We’ll answer at buildershouse@dsrvlabs.com.




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