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Welcoming Aptos To All That Node

Redefining the Web3 user experience to bring the next internet to the masses

All That Node is excited to announce its support of Aptos (starting last month), a blockchain that aims to fundamentally redefine the Web3 user experience. Our mission is ultimately to connect you to Web3 infrastructure and data with ease; adding Aptos helps us achieve this by offering all developers free access to one of the fastest-growing and most promising ecosystems in this space.

Developers can now access the Aptos Mainnet and Testnet through our RPC nodes, make request calls, and get queried data based on the status of the blockchain.

What is Aptos?

Aptos is a Layer-1 blockchain developed by former Meta team members who worked on Diem. Due to its cutting edge technology and highly accomplished team, Aptos has raised $350M from backers like Coinbase, a16z, FTX, and other leading investors, drawing much attention from the Web3 builder community.

Aptos promises to be a faster, more scalable and more secure blockchain than its existing competitors, not to mention its next-level programming language, Move. Details on how the Move language and resource model can solve many performance and security issues faced by most other Layer-1 protocols can be found in the Aptos whitepaper.

These can be concisely expressed as follows:

  • Using the Move language allows for fast and secure transaction execution.
  • The Aptos data model enables flexible key management and hybrid custodial options.
  • High throughput and low latency is achieved by leveraging a pipelined and modular approach to transaction processing.
  • Efficiently supports atomicity with arbitrarily complex transactions for higher throughput and lower latency in real-world applications.
  • A modular architecture design supports client flexibility and optimizes for frequent and instant upgrades.
  • Both its modular design and parallel execution engine support validator state sharding in order to horizontally scale throughput without adding additional complexity.

How to get started with Aptos on All That Node

  1. Sign up for an account with us on All That Node.
  2. On the Dashboard, click “Create new project,” and select Aptos.

3. Name your project, then click “Create.”

4. You’re almost there, keep going!

5. Nailed it! You now have access to an Aptos RPC node.

For more information on Aptos:

Why All That Node?

With an extensive array of experience, DSRV provides the best Web3 infrastructure so developers can simply give their best on the projects they’re building, instead of worrying about Dev/NodeOps, uptime, scaling, etc.

Don’t waste your valuable time and resources. Jump into Web3, free from concerns regarding node maintenance and synchronization.

Today, our network processes nearly 1B requests/ month on over 24 networks around the globe!

About All That Node

All That Node is a multi-chain node & data provider service powered by DSRV. Since 2021, we’ve worked with hundreds of developers and companies, helping scale projects and providing robust and seamless access to 24+ blockchains.

Stay tuned for more feature updates!

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