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ZetaChain is an L1 blockchain and smart contract platform built to manage assets, data, and liquidity on any chain– even Bitcoin. In this article, we invite you to step foot into the world of ZetaChain and its visionary team, next-level features, and overarching mission to reshape the future of blockchain technology.

Tracing the Journey of ZetaChain

Interviewee: Brandon Truong, Chief Product Officer at ZetaChain

So what led to the birth of ZetaChain– the novel solution designed to target the challenges of multi-chain and cross-chain cryptocurrencies? Guided by an unwavering commitment to developers and a vision of sustainable innovation, the ZetaChain team embarked on a quest, exploring diverse architectural landscapes including pure bridges and messaging solutions. However, these paths still presented obstacles like wrapping issues, asynchronous messaging limitations, and further fragmentation. Determined to create a developer-friendly and secure solution, the team ultimately chose to forge an EVM-compatible L1 blockchain with built-in support for omnichain smart contracts and messaging.

An exceptional and experienced team of professionals with a proven record of success in the crypto space, ZetaChain embodies the power of collective expertise. Since 2013, members have played pivotal roles in product and engineering for a major centralized public exchange, worked on social and educational apps servicing millions of users, not to mention B2B SaaS tools. The team’s diverse background extends beyond the realm of crypto to encompass high-performance computing, distributed computing, and network security research– achievements published in leading conferences and journals.

Redefining Blockchain Connectivity with Unprecedented Omnichain Interoperability

ZetaChain stands out among other EVM-compatible L1 blockchains through its distinctive omnichain interoperability features, enabling seamless connections to all blockchains, including non-smart contract chains like Bitcoin and Dogecoin. This singular capacity empowers developers to craft omnichain decentralized applications (dApps) with a single point of logic, allowing them to benefit from smooth access to all their assets, data, and liquidity on one platform.

Some key differentiators:

  1. ZetaChain’s contracts manage assets across all chains, allowing for the rapid deployment of cross-chain services like Uniswap, with THORChain functionality. This is also true for cross-chain DeFi services like Aave, Compound or Curve.
  2. Users can interact with ZetaChain dApps via any chain, and these dApps output to a number of chains within a single transaction.
  3. 10–100x greater cost-efficiency compared to messaging solutions.
  4. Enables the creation of smart contracts that input/ output native BTC while allowing BTC integration with DeFi– improves upon Stacks and other prior Bitcoin smart contract attempts.
  5. Unlike other EVM L1 blockchains, ZetaChain’s vision extends beyond competition. By aiming to connect and unify liquidity and users from all L1s and L2s, it fosters growth alongside other blockchains.

Catalyzing Blockchain Adoption: ZetaChain’s Vision for Seamless Omnichain Interoperability

ZetaChain’s cross-chain interoperability, combined with its powerful omnichain toolkit, empowers the creation of truly decentralized apps capable of accessing and interacting with assets across multiple chains. This quality makes ZetaChain a stellar choice for DeFi, NFTs, gaming, DAO governance, etc. By harnessing ZetaChain’s unique features, developers can create user-friendly dApps that seamlessly onboard non-crypto natives to Web3, where they can take advantage of DeFi, while adding value to the ZetaChain ecosystem. The ability to build innovative and scalable solutions that connect smoothly to different blockchains is what makes building on ZetaChain different– and is expected to push the boundaries of decentralized technology.

User-Friendliness and Scalability

While onboarding new builders to a platform can be tricky, the ZetaChain prioritizes clear and comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and guides for a smoother experience. They also launched a grant program designed to empower talented dApp builders. Providing both funding and resources to help launch promising projects that wish to scale through the platform, this program is but one of many initiatives — the others being hackathons, workshops, and other events — that bring builders together and establish a sense of innovation and community.

The team’s ultimate goal being to encourage adoption and enable easy access to blockchain for all users, prioritizing the user experience is absolutely central. Guaranteeing a positive user experience is what both attracts and retains users, and ZetaChain achieves this by ensuring the platform is user-friendly, scalable, and accessible in various localized languages. This way, both the adoption rate and growth increase simultaneously.

Leveraging All That Node to Enhance User Experience

With an emphasis on developer user experience, ZetaChain invites node providers that offer competitive UI/UX, availability/ reliability, speed, advanced tooling, support, and more. Partners must be dedicated to growing the ecosystem while demonstrating care for the builder user experience through aligned product offerings– ultimately, they seek providers they can wholeheartedly recommend to any builder. By collaborating with a node partner like All That Node, ZetaChain’s validator operators and developers can achieve the above objectives while seamlessly connecting to multiple chains.

“All That Node offers a wide range of RPC endpoints catering to various chains that ZetaChain connects. Multichain support is crucial for ZetaChain’s validators,” said Brandon Truong, Chief Product Officer at ZetaChain.

During the initial stages of development, ZetaChain validator operators experienced notable gains in speed and convenience by using All That Node’s RPC services instead of building and relying on their own infrastructure.

“All That Node’s RPC services allow ZetaChain validators to streamline operations while also saving costs. Although we encountered some initial challenges during the onboarding phase, the service has been excellent since then. The team’s responsiveness has been impressive, swiftly addressing any concerns or issues that arise. All That Node’s plans also offer a lot of flexibility, which is important for the validator and dev ecosystem to adapt and scale according to their requirements,” added Brandon.

Long-Term Vision

In the long run, ZetaChain seeks to become a leading omnichain blockchain platform, providing users and developers with a seamless experience when accessing and managing assets, data, and liquidity across Web3. As a go-to-platform for high-performance dApps, with both scalable L1 architecture and distinct omnichain interoperability, ZetaChain stands apart.

More broadly, ZetaChain hopes to make an impact by driving both adoption and innovation across the wider blockchain ecosystem. The fundamental idea is to unite different blockchains by integrating them onto a single platform for the best user experience– with this at the core, this protocol will be one to watch.

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