Response to The Writer Will Do Something

For me, this was one of the more interesting readings we’ve been assigned all semester. It was simple yet it maintained my interest for the duration of the story. This piece of media invites the reader to interact with the story and observe how their decisions impact the rest of the narrative.

The first aspect of this reading that jumped out to me was the formatting. Instead of the standard ocean of text that most stories like this support, this text only shows a line or two, at the most a paragraph of text at a time. Personally, I found myself more interested in this type of format. If this story was printed in a standard block of text, I would be significantly less interested. I think sometimes I feel intimidated when I see a story that has 20 pages or when the end is nowhere in sight. The short segments the story kept me clicking for sure.

Another thing I enjoyed reading this piece was the freedom given to the audience. This text allows the reader to choose what the writer will say or do next. Each decision the reader impacts the narrative going forward. I think this interaction this piece invites makes for a more enjoyable experience. I can relate this to video games that allow the gamer to make decisions that alter the narrative. In Grand Theft Auto, the game gives the user the decision to choose what strategy is best for certain mission. It gives the gamer multiple different characters he or she wishes to join them on the mission. Sometimes, the game lets the user choose to kill a main character of the game. Each of these decisions have an impact on the rest of the narrative of the game.

As gamer myself, I can say I definitely enjoy a game that lets me have some freedom and make my own imprint on the story. This story on Twine reminded me that this interaction can make the experience of watching a story unfold so much more enjoyable.