DSTOQ Project Update: October 2018

As we quickly move towards the end of the year, the DSTOQ project is making strong progress on all fronts every single day. Ranging from our team expansion to attending important industry conferences and events to spread greater awareness of our mission to enable financial inclusion with our decentralized peer-to-peer platform, we’ve been very busy. We’ve received interest on many fronts — from the likes of major well-known investors and important media outlets. Our future looks very bright and we’re super pumped!

The October edition of the DSTOQ Project Update will cover:

Company News
Development Update
Conferences + Events Recap
Content + PR Overview
Looking Forward

Company News

  • Community Program

Last week, we announced the DSTOQ Community Program, which consists of different initiatives with the goal of giving our community the chance to shape the future of DSTOQ and earn tokens for doing so. Our recent blog post includes further details!

Participating is as simple as taking our two-minute poll to tell us which real world assets and regions you are interested in investing in. We really value your opinion and are building every element of our platform from a customer-first approach.

— — — — — — — — >>> Take the poll here <<< — — — — — — — —

  • Latest Hires

Dalibor Cerny joined the DSTOQ team as General Counsel in October. He is an expert in all things banking and finance (including alternative finance, cryptocurrencies and fintech), capital markets, insurance and new technologies. He previously worked as an attorney with top law firms and as in-house counsel of globally-operating financial institutions such as European Investment Bank and AXA.

Uros Neskovic also became part of the DSTOQ team as Senior Product Designer. Prior to entering the world of UI/UX, he worked in advertising for some of the most well-known and successful international advertising chains such as BBDO and Ogilvy. His move into UI/UX was the next logical step for him as he gravitated towards the implementation of new technologies and customer-oriented content. Ultimately, his passion for technology and art led him to where he is.

  • Partnerships and More

Last month, we announced that we’ve retained German investment bank IEG for a corporate finance/capital raise. Typically a traditional financial services firm, IEG sees huge potential for blockchain technology and has therefore already advised multiple blockchain clients.

In addition to this major announcement, we also announced two very promising partnerships in October — with decentralized app platform aeternity and digital identity verification software company Blockpass.

Our partnership with aeternity will allow for the integration of aeternity’s decentralized data oracles, which track and record information on real-world data such as financial data, global prices, exchange rates, and news into the DSTOQ platform. We also plan on using aeternity’s technology to confirm real world data points such as completion of a building construction or delivery of goods. Aeternity oracles could even be useful to discover things like numbers of users or sentiment on market penetration of a product or technology.

Security is of utmost priority to the DSTOQ platform and we require all users to go through a KYC/AML process. This is why we’ve teamed up with Blockpass to help users enjoy a strong level of ease-of-access to our platform. Blockpass is also one of the few blockchain-based know your customer (KYC) providers already successfully in operation.

Development Update

We are working on our closed beta launch, which is set to release at the end of this year. It will initially be available for download in the Android store; we also plan to launch it for iOS shortly thereafter. Join the waitlist.

Conferences + Events Recap

  • DevCon in Prague

At the end of October, several DSTOQ team members traveled to Prague for DevCon 4. One of the most hyped events of the year, to say DevCon was huge would be an understatement — the Congress Centre was packed to the brim, with three floors of programming events, tons of talks, break-out rooms and more. We met and networked with the brightest minds in blockchain, from developers to VCs, to tell them all about how we’re making investing in real-world assets easier than ever before.

  • Malta Blockchain Summit in Malta

Another major conference took place right at the same time as DevCon — the Malta Blockchain Summit in Malta. We made sure not to miss this one to meet crypto enthusiasts, investors as well as other blockchain projects. We also took the opportunity to host a meetup on the subject of security tokens and their surrounding tech and regulation with Stellar, Bloqhouse, and Tempo. The meetup was a major success as we engaged many people who learned about DSTOQ and why security tokens are the next big thing.

  • Creating Blockchain-Powered Products Meetup in Berlin

In early October, DSTOQ Head of Product Mirela Mus spoke on a panel at a Berlin meetup on how to create blockchain-powered products as well as assess blockchain’s true potential. She participated alongside MXC’s Aaron Wagener, Paul Du Plessis of OST Simple Token, Innogy Innovation’s Moritz Jungmann, Clemens Pompey of amatus, and Norbert Gehrke of Advanced Blockchain AG.

Content + PR Overview

The DSTOQ Blog published several articles in October, including a post on how tokenized securities will disrupt crypto markets, create greater investment opportunities and bring about greater stability. We feel we hold a significant responsibility in helping educate the public on issues surrounding financial equality, the benefits of blockchain, security tokens and much more. We will continue to publish similar articles in our blog and social media channels.

As DSTOQ followers may already know for quite some time, we decided long ago to partner with Stellar and build our platform upon their blockchain. However, we never delved deeply into just why we chose their blockchain. For this reason, DSTOQ co-founder and CTO Christian Peters wrote a detailed article on this very subject — why DSTOQ and Stellar are but a match made in heaven!

  • PR Overview

We’ve been under the radar for quite some time, fully focused on building a strong foundation to support growth and development. Now that we’re ready for the world, we are being noticed — even by the likes of Forbes. We received a record number of media mentions this month. We’re grateful for every opportunity to not only shed light onto inequalities surrounding opportunities for investment but also share our credo with the world.

Our partnership announcement with Aeternity was featured in Crypto Briefing, Chipin and Cryptovest
Our partnership announcement with Blockpass was featured in Leaprate
Anatol Antonovic interviewed Craig Mc Gregor for a Q&A feature in Cryptovest
Craig Mc Gregor participated in a video panel discussion alongside Cassidy Daly of Chlu Network and John Light of Aragon Project for Newconomy. You can watch the full panel here
Craig Mc Gregor was featured in an article by Luke Fitzpatrick for Forbes
Antoine Tardif interviewed Craig Mc Gregor for Securities.io
Craig Mc Gregor was interviewed by Berna Bayindir for Block Europe
Tony Zerucha interviewed Craig Mc Gregor for NXTalpha
Craig Mc Gregor was interviewed by Stefan Perlebach for STOCheck
Andrew Munro wrote a comprehensive article all about DSTOQ for Finder

Looking Forward

Over the next few months, we will be laser-focused on executing our closed beta launch. Now that we’ve launched the DSTOQ Community Program, you can expect to see further rollouts of the program, which we will always announce via our social media platforms. The DSTOQ team will also continue to attend industry conferences.

As the DSTOQ community continues to grow, we want to say thank you for being among the first to join us on this journey — we anticipate that these next few months will be the most exciting ones yet! Please continue to engage with us on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram, LinkedIn, and Facebook!

-the DSTOQ Team