DTCO and TMU Hospital Reveal Joint Blockchain Project to Improve Patient Record Security

May 17, 2017 
Taipei, Taiwan

Photo by DTCO

Blockchain company DTCO and Taipei Medical University Hospital will soon reveal a joint project to strengthen patient record security by building a distributed data record system using blockchain solutions. This system will serve as an upgrade to the self-protecting mechanisms of the hospital’s information and data systems by eschewing the centralized structures of traditional databases, which can be easily attacked or targeted by ransomware.

Traditional centralized databases rely on shielding a closed system to raise the level of security at the cost of increased maintenance and inconveniences to access relevant data. Furthermore, this type of structure has been unable to prevent computers on the internal network from infecting and paralyzing the central database system. DTCO CEO Jacob Lee states that a completely closed system actually means that it is much more vulnerable to attack. Once an attacker breaches the system, the damage is maximized, following similar logic to those of human immune systems failure. DTCO integrates blockchain technology and a distributed data structure to provide a comprehensive security solution for medical records. Developed by DTCO, the medical blockchain operating system, phrOS, can bolster the protection of patient privacy, and further, provide an interoperable solution. A decentralized blockchain structure can allow the hospital, medical personnel, and the visiting public to each obtain a personal blockchain account that is interconnected with the blockchain, forming a distributed system. DTCO and Taipei Medical University Hospital have worked together to deploy such distributed system in healthcare enterprises to improve the overall security of medical information and data protection.

“A completely closed system actually means that it is much more vulnerable to attack.” Jacob Lee, CEO of DTCO

TMUH, one of leading medical university hospital in Taiwan, has devoted in HIS innovation, smart hospital and patient data safety. The blockchain project is one of global leading projects to proof blockchain applications in healthcare. DTCO and TMUH research team will synergize to proof the blockchain-based health data exchange system secure and privacy protected.

In 2016, while targeting blockchain applications in the biomedical industry, DTCO paired with Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Association to mutually develop the BiolPSeeds platform. BiolPSeeds is the largest global biomedical intellectual property exchange platform which utilizes a blockchain framework. As of 2017, this platform has begun online operations and obtained support from both domestic and international research institutions and pharmaceutical manufacturers. This is evidence of DTCO’s capabilities in the blockchain industry and has become the best example of blockchain technology converging with business operations.

About DTCO

DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation) was founded in 2014. The corporate management team consists of international blockchain scientists along with elite members from the fields of finance, ICT, and biopharma industries. DTCO serves as a bridge between business and blockchain for wide range of applications including IP, healthcare, supply chain and green energy. Through industry collaborations, we are confident blockchain technology can bring great value to society.

Press Contact: Jacob Lee, CEO
Email: info@dtco.co
Office: +886–2–27717791
IPSeeds: https://ipseeds.net
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dtcoclub/

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