DTCO announce Ethereum Hybrid Chain conversion technology to eliminate bottlenecks with ERC20 tokens

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DTCO announce Ethereum Hybrid Chain conversion technology to eliminate bottlenecks with ERC20 tokens

In the past few years, blockchain has been contending for real-life applications. The public chain has always faced transaction cost and transaction speed issues, which limited its applications. Therefore, most industries adopt private chain technology, but standard certificates such as the public ERC20 Tokens cannot be extended to the private chain. This is very unfortunate.

Acknowledging the interoperability issue; DTCO breaks through the Ethereum Public chain restrictions with Sidechain technology. DTCO’s technology allows a wide range of ERC20 tokens to be shuttle back and forth between the public and private chains. Private tokens can be transferred to public chain and traded on exchange. Tokens can be listed and the technology can be used for high-speed zero-cost trading on the Sidechain. Based on cross-chain architecture, various industries such as financial payment, smart agriculture, industry 4.0, tokens offering and internet of things can leverage this technology to greatly extend the range of applications.

Conversion from public to private ERC20 tokens or inverse

Technical characteristics of the conversion technology

Support Ethereum’s native blockchain

Support Public ERC20 tokens

Support Private ERC20 tokens — no transaction cost, high transaction speed

Bilateral conversion 1:1 or 1:n

Public chain secure trust

Bilateral account transparency audit

Video of Hybrid Technology with Web Interface and Demonstration of Speed on Private Chain

As in the video, ERC20 tokens are locked into the smart contract in the Ethereum public chain, and the sidechain generate the private ERC20. The private ERC20 can also be transferred from the sidechain back to the public chain, and then released from the smart contract; therefore achieving bilateral conversion.

In the video, 100,000 transactions are processed, showing a transaction speed of about 1000 transactions per second.

DTCO technical director Brady Liu mentioned that the sidechain is currently using the Ethereum Enterprise blockchain, through consensus adjustment. The speed can be further increased to 1000/Txs for demanding applications. However, the main advantage is not the high-speed trading, but to allow the public chain ERC20 to interoperate with the private chain ERC20. It combines bilateral advantages to break through the applications’ bottlenecks. This is the main purpose.

Jacob Lee, CEO of DTCO, pointed out that the transaction cost of ERC20 is high and the speed is slow. For those reasons, it is almost impossible to apply for industry applications. The cryptocurrency exchanges generally support the Ethereum ERC20 tokens but never any private tokens. Now, through DTCO’s hybrid chain technology, this problem is solved and private chain tokens can be traded.

The global interoperability and fairness of the public chain is lacking in the private chain, and the usability of the private chain is lacking in the public chain. We hope that with the breakthrough of this technology, ERC20 can be applied more widely, instead of being limited to trading speculation on exchange. It is believed that this will accelerate the development of the blockchain ecosystem.

About DTCO

DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation) was founded in 2014. The corporate management team consists of international blockchain scientists along with professionals from the fields of finance, ICT and biopharma industries. DTCO serves as a bridge between business enterprise and offer wide range of blockchain based applications for biopharma, healthcare, e-identity and crypto finance. Through industry collaborations, we are confident blockchain technology can bring great value to society.

Email: info@dtco.co

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