mtes Neural Networks and DTCO announce their partnership on CitiOS project

The combination of IoT sensors and blockchain to build a safe urban infrastructure ecosystem

From the left: Dr. Hareo Hamada, mtes CEO Takaro Harada & DTCO CEO Jacob Lee

Japan’s mtes Neural Networks and DTCO announced their partnership to promote the “CitiOS Project”, combining structural health monitoring (SHM) and blockchain technology to monitor structural changes in infrastructures such as buildings, stations, railways, etc. CitiOS can significantly improve public safety for the areas that have suffered from earthquakes.

Earthquakes has always been one of the biggest security issues facing Taiwan and Japan. The damage to infrastructures generated by earthquakes has often caused unacceptable casualties and an irreparable lost in property value. mtes Neural Networks already uses the most advanced sensing technology and the new generation of communication protocol LoRa-Private (Low Power Wide Area Network). CitiOS will predict whether infrastructures changes in time and take necessary measures to overcome various defects.

mtes Neural Networks CEO Takaro Harada pointed out that many metropolitan infrastructures are complex and aging. Moreover, with the aging of population in Japan, they can no longer rely entirely on manpower to manage urban infrastructures. mtes proposes the “CitiOS” IoT solution and expect sensors and hybrid gateways developed by mtes, combined with DTCO’s blockchain technology to solve various problems.

DTCO co-founder and CEO Jacob Lee said that the CitiOS collaboration program is significant, representing blockchain technology entering the realm of people’s livelihood. Blockchain is the indispensable backbone for a nationwide safety infrastructure network. The blockchain deployed will screens hundreds of millions of IoT devices, it will ensures information security, traceability and open software architecture for innovation. It gives real value to the plethora of IoT data.

mtes is an IoT company that we admire. Its sensing technology is now an essential part of significant organizations like the Japan Railway Group (JR). As DTCO is a leader in blockchain application technology, we are very proud to combine our expertise with mtes and work together for public safety.

President Harada pointed out that mtes has cooperated with regional branches of Japan Railway Group (JR) and JR research to obtain patents, design earthquake route monitoring systems and collect monitoring data on station and railway structure health. Those actions are greatly helping for active prevention measures. In the past, public infrastructure maintenance relied entirely on the government. CitiOS plans to use blockchain technology to develop an autonomous surveillance system involving all citizens. In addition to safety monitoring, it can also be applied to the energy saving of enterprise edifices.

Smart City is being promoted around the globe. CitiOS partners’ predict that sensing devices will spread to all urban areas. It will improve public safety and increase protection against lost in property value.

About DTCO

DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation) was founded in 2014. The corporate management team consists of international blockchain scientists along with professionals from the fields of finance, ICT and biopharma industries. DTCO serves as a bridge between business enterprise and offer wide range of blockchain based applications for biopharma, healthcare, e-identity and crypto finance. Through industry collaborations, we are confident blockchain technology can bring great value to society.



About mtes

mtes Neural Networks Co., Ltd. was established in 2015. The company is adhering to the business philosophy of “creating a better environment where everyone can feel at ease”, we will gather the wisdom of all parties to meet the challenge.