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Apr 26, 2018

The Tao People and DTCO jointly held a press conference the 26th of April at Kasiboan, Orchid Island. They announced a blockchain-based e-identity project for the Tao people, including the launch of Orchid Island digital tourist passport. This project is led by “Lanyu Environmental Education Association” and “Lan An Cultural and Educational Foundation” with technology and marketing support from DTCO.

The Orchid islanders are beset with multiple issues: dispute over the storage of nuclear waste, ocean and tourism pollution and insufficient resources for culture, education and healthcare. The younger generation of Orchid Island is eager to use new technology to create innovative solutions. The e-identity of the Tao people shall increase their autonomous decision-making and open new economic model. These mechanisms are crucial to the development of ecotourism which promotes the true Tao culture.

A-Wen (Cheng-Wen Lin), the President of “Lanyu Environmental Education Association”, has been devoting time and energy to environmental issues including the recycling of PET bottles on the Island.

“Over supply and false demand created by the capitalism” expresses A-Wen as the problem currently faced in Orchid Island.

“The so-called “modernization” is in fact a short-term effect of a reduction on manufacturing costs which contributes to overproduction, hence, waste.”

Lin hopes that the Tao people use the e-identity to solve the environmental problems. He believes this can lead to a systematic and innovative approach with the support from every visitor to the Island.

Maraos, the CEO of the “La An Cultural and Educational Foundation”, used to work in the media and was the first Director of the Taiwan Indigenous Television. He has a deep understanding of all indigenous-related issues. Maraos hopes the e-identity would help the Tao people to boost their confidence and develop an economic model tailor-made to meet their needs. This can include shared business operation models, round-the-island electric transportation, cultural tourism, global coverage of ecological programs about the Island, etc. Due to the islanders’ lack of involvement, the Orchid Island is troubled with weak economic development and the loss of culture and tradition. Maraos believes that new technology has the potential to solve those problems.

Syaman Rapongan is acclaimed writer from the indigenous Tao tribe of the Orchid Island and winner of the Wu San-Lien Award.

“Seeking ethnic identity has always been a top priority for every indigenous group in the world, because ethnic identity is the key to the preservation of indigenous culture and tradition”, points out Syaman.

“For instance, Baltic islanders have resorted to various methods to claim their identities. Some islands even issue their own passports for their people to travel around the world.”

Syaman Rapongan hopes the Tao people on the Orchid Island can take the first step to create their e-identity. He also acknowledges the benefits of the tourist passport which can be used to reward tourists for their environmental good deeds and charitable activities.

Jacob Lee, the CEO of DTCO, expresses that the blockchain technology has features of strong security and high privacy.

DTCO is making history by introducing the blockchain-based self-sovereign e-identity system into the Orchid Island. Through the indigenous organizations’ authentication, each Tao people will receive an unique e-identity, which is protected against frauds and manipulation. E-identity allows the Tao people to control and manage their personal data and digital wallets. The association will also issue digital tourist passports to facilitate the development of ecotourism. By linking authorized stores with the tourism resources, the digital tourist passport will guide visitors to discover the rich culture, indigenous art and natural ecology of the Island.”

Orchid Island history

Jacob Lee stresses that the history of the Orchid Island goes back to more than 1000 years ago. Some of its unique traditions, such as taro, flying fish, ocean culture, are preserved and still practiced today, attracting over 140,000 visitors from all over the world every year. However, the Island is limited by its capacity. Island hopping or day trips just burden and even destroy the ecology of the Island. To address this problem, Jacob Lee says that the indigenous e-identity system will link with the community tokens issued exclusively for the Orchid Island. Tourists will be rewarded for using the community tokens in commercial activities or recycling. This is a win-win situation for both tourists and the islanders.


The e-identity is a state-of-the-art technology, which has attracted the interests of many governments. Comparing with conventional identity certificates issued by governments, e-identity has the benefits of digital authentication, private control over personal data and wide applications. For those who are unable to obtain a legal identity, e-identity will help to prove their existence. E-identity is widely used in financial services, financial auditing and supervision, healthcare, membership authentication, land and property registration, access to various online services, etc. More importantly, the decentralized blockchain technology enables indigenous communities to develop autonomous economies. This will move on to the realization of self-governing bodies.

In the foreseeable future, we believe that Orchid Island will be the quintessence of blockchain technology in an isolated ecosystem.

e-Identity and Tao Passport Application Portal

About DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation)

DTCO (Digital Treasury Corporation) was founded in 2014 with team members of blockchain technology developers and experts in finance, ICT and biotech. DTCO focuses on the application of blockchain technology in businesses and provides consultation services for R&D in pharmaceutical, healthcare, green energy, digital identity and smart contracts. Through collaborating with the industries, we believe that the blockchain technology has a huge potential to bring great value to the society.

IDGO Official Website https://idgo.im

DTCO Official Website https://dtco.co

FB: https://www.facebook.com/eindigenousnation/

Twitter https://twitter.com/IDGOim

About Lanyu Environmental Education Association

Appalled by the accumulated amount of waste on the Orchid Island, Cheng-Wen Lin single-handedly started the recycling of PET bottles and waste oil on the Orchid Island without any initial financial support. His ideal and devotion attracted friends and volunteers to become his team members and led to the establishment of the “Lanyu Environmental Education Association”. The purpose of the Association is to protect the ecosystem, promote the traditional ecological wisdom and sustain the development of the culture on the Island. Kasiboan made a shed from recycled PET bottles by the volunteers and has now become a new tourist attraction on the Island.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/dontwasteLanyu/

About Lan An Cultural and Educational Foundation

Lan An is the first local association established on the Island. In 1979, it established the first legally registered indigenous nursery in Taiwan, as well as a community magazine and a radio station. Lan An is also the first organization that provides the meal-on-wheels services for the elderly in the indigenous communities. With the vision to preserve the Tao culture, Lan An is fully committed to improve the education environment, the care to the elderly and the expatriates return and settle down on the Island.

Official Website http://www.lanan.org.tw/

FB https://www.facebook.com/lanan.org/

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