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There’s a big difference between a house and a home. In the same way that no two homes are the same, we all have our own ideas about what comfort, security and satisfaction feel like — the feelings that ultimately transform a house into a home.

We believe that platforms facilitating bookings between property hosts and guests should provide an opportunity for all users to voice their preferences and vote on decisions that affect their experience with the platform.

Home sharing promises guests an alternative to traditional hotels, with greater personalization, character and local flavor. Most importantly, though, home sharing allows anyone to belong wherever they are.

This is what home feels like to us. This is the world of Dtravel.

Your platform, your say

Dtravel comprises a community of hosts and guests who are given a voice to engage with the platform at all levels for the benefit of the entire Dtravel ecosystem.

Rather than relying on a handful of secluded executives to make decisions about every community member and locality, Dtravel thrives on the collaboration of all members to perpetually improve their home sharing and travel experiences.

At its core, Dtravel is home to hosts and guests who share their experience and local knowledge, provide education and training to new members and use their invaluable skills to create not just a customer base, but a genuine community.

A Decentralized Approach

On the surface, Dtravel is a platform that facilitates home sharing discovery, bookings and payments. But under the hood, it’s much more.

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Dtravel is community owned and governed by members who use the platform — namely the hosts, guests and TRVL token holders. Therefore, Dtravel is not a corporate for-profit entity, but rather an autonomous collective governed by its members.

Dtravel empowers you to influence the future of the platform as part of a democratized community. As a member, you’re given a voice to determine the policies, vision and direction of the Dtravel platform and the wider Dtravel ecosystem.

We believe that the only way to build genuine trust between all members and the platform is to enable all voices to influence, innovate and evolve together. As the Dtravel community grows, so too will the scale of decentralization.

But why is decentralization important in the context of home sharing? To appreciate this, we need to take a look at the prevailing corporate models of today.

Redefining structure

The world is built on outdated practices of centralized corporate governance, which are well overdue for evolution. These practices involve companies operating with an aggressively single-minded goal: to generate profits for their shareholders.

While this approach has served many enterprises well, it has resulted in the misalignment of values and purpose in sharing economies. Those who actually provide value to these platforms — sellers, drivers, home owners — are dictated by the terms of how they can communicate and are plagued by exorbitant fees while shareholders benefit at their expense.

Rather than strengthening the vibrant communities in sharing economies, these industry standards have resulted in a fracturing of the relationship between sharing platforms and their users.

We believe that home sharing platforms owned and governed by users will usher in a new type of sharing economy, transforming the global market for the better. As part of our mission, we’ve created a new organizational structure that enables members to provide and capture value, whether economic or societal.

The TRVL Token

To make our vision a reality, the TRVL token will serve as the native token of the Dtravel ecosystem. TRVL represents stakeholder membership in the Dtravel DAO, providing hosts and guests with an equal opportunity to participate in governance and voting activities that influence how the Dtravel platform is managed.

To ensure that both hosts and guests have an equal opportunity to engage in governance and grow Dtravel together as a community, we’ve allocated 90,000,000 TRVL tokens (9% of the total supply of TRVL tokens) to be distributed to members as rewards for helping the ecosystem grow.

Welcome home

Whether you’re looking to list your home or stay in one — be it a walk, drive or plane ride away — there’s a place for everyone in Dtravel. We’re bringing together a community of hosts and guests who believe in the sanctity of sanctuary and want their voices heard.

There are almost 8 billion of us in the world, each with our own unique stories, experiences and views. When we listen to each other, good things happen. When we’re empowered to act on our beliefs, great things happen.

For everyone to feel at home, everyone deserves an opportunity to be heard. By providing the means to participate in governance and contribute to the ecosystem, Dtravel gives you the power to make a difference.

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Dtravel Community

More travel, less fees. Welcome to the future of home sharing. Welcome to Dtravel.

Dtravel Community

Dtravel is a home sharing community that chooses to structure and govern itself as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Dtravel DAO economy is built around the TRVL token, and therefore all TRVL token holders are Dtravel community members.

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Dtravel Community

Dtravel is a home sharing community that chooses to structure and govern itself as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The Dtravel DAO economy is built around the TRVL token, and therefore all TRVL token holders are Dtravel community members.