When I think of college, what do I think of?

Frat parties.

Fraternities have become increasingly popular, and increasingly dangerous. Of course not every man is the same and not every man falls into the typical frat guy category, nationwide issues regarding fraternities have been worrying problem for me, a college Female.

To me and from what i’ve seen fraternity men come off as misogynistic, letting their status get to their moral values and reasonable thinking. Apart from the hazing that some frats are known for, rape and objectifying woman sexually because they are always making college news headline. Why do some frat boys think this is ok?

John Foubert, a professor at Oklahoma State University, conducted a study along with other colleagues that revealed that “fraternity men are three times more likely to commit rape than other men at college campuses,” and this study was the third in showing these statistics. This all sparked up when a Georgia Tech frat member sent an email to Phi Kappa Tau fraternity explaining how to lure your rapebait and this got Foubert wanting to conduct a study on fraternities.the Georgia Tech incident is similar to the time a Phi Kappa Phi member left a notebook with alarming, and concerning phrases.The Huffington post shed light on them on the by exposing everything they wrote in the notebook.

Time and time again, we see news about a girl who were raped at one of these infamous frat parties. Other people have suggested that frats aren’t just about rape, but the power of being the head of the social side of university life. With alcohol and some of the liveliest parties, some frat brothers are addicted to controlling the fun. At these parties, women end up being a target due to a poor decision from a frat member.

Professors at Midwestern Public University conducted a five-year study, which showed how some women were sexually assaulted at a frat party within the first few weeks of the semester. Women need to be aware that not all men are the same but they must be aware of their surroundings at these social gatherings.

Reforms are highly needed if fraternities are going to keep being a part of university culture.These reforms could range holding rape prevention programs and educational workshops. The way some fraternity brothers treat women receive is disgusting. The examples are bountiful, and reach every coast where fraternities involved. More efforts into implementing sexual assault awareness and teaching fraternity men the serious life consequences if tempted are needed to create a more aware frat life on campuses. These reforms could bring the world closer to diminishing the objectification of women.

Given the countless cases, I can imagine that there are hundreds more that don’t make the news or get reported. Not every single frat member is a rapist, but they become bystanders to the behavior. victims of rape are calling for strict reforms since they cant abolish fraternities from forming. But who is monitoring these reforms?

I have met more misogynistic frat guys’ than nice frat guys. Although good frat guys do exist and follow their brotherhood statement, universities need to see more of these young men implementing the good unlike the frat guys that keep bashing women on every degree. If your in a fraternity and don’t agree with it, do something about it. Don’t let your big or little’s view on women influence yours, and influence others to treat women with respect.