Political Correctness is an absolute disaster. Discuss.

Roger Dubar
Mar 31, 2017 · 2 min read

A year ago I had a piece published in The Huffington Post called “Political Correctness is Bad: Discuss”.

I’ve been meaning to write a followup. I may well. At the moment it would be called “Political Correctness is an absolute disaster. Discuss”.

Political Correctness didn’t save us from Brexit & Trump. Indeed by crippling critical thought on the Left, I’d say it was a major factor in the triumph of both.

Now after another terror attack, Ahmadi Muslims are being held up by politically correct activists as an example of the true peacefulness of Islam — even though Ahmadis themselves aren’t considered “true muslims” and are systematically persecuted in the Muslim world. But who cares about reality, when the narrative is so much sweeter, right?

Meanwhile the West’s two greatest allies in the Muslim World, Pakistan & Saudi Arabia, persecute atheists & religious minorities even more than they did a year ago, and the Liberal Progressive Social Justice Left won’t dare mention this, for fear of causing a “racist” backlash in Europe.

So good luck to you if you are an ex-Muslim, or a secular Muslim, or a Muslim who is religious but wants to be able to stand up for religious minorities and against creeping Islamism — because the Liberal Progressive Social justice Left won’t have your back. They’ll call you an uncle tom, a traitor to your culture, and even worse the ultimate 2017 insult, “Right Wing”.

They’d rather pretend that it was “Western Foreign Policy” that was to blame, and that by giving in to every demand of the religious conservative right, this will somehow foster tolerance & respect in future generations. I can’t see that, myself.

I want the Left to provide a compelling alternative to the car crash of Brexit & of neo-lib-conservatism… But I can’t see that happening while it lets dogma overrule reality. As it is, the Right don’t even have to be competent to be in power. What does that tell you?

#PeaceOut #FreeSpeech & #WorldPeace

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