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A Method of Adding KDUCATO Token in Kaikas Wallet.

You can easily add KDUCATO in Kaikas wallet by following below manual for Klayswap!

  1. Connect Klaytnscope
  • Click ‘View in Klaytnscope’ in the upper right corner of your Kaikas wallet to connect.

2. Search ‘KDUCATO’ and Copy Contract

  • Search for KDUCATO on Klaytnscope homepage, then copy the contract

3. Paste KDUCATO Contract in Kaikas Wallet

  • Click ‘Token List’ -> ‘Add Token’ -> ‘Customed Token’. Paste the copied KDUCATO Contract on ‘Token Control Address’ and click ‘Next’.

4. Check Added Token

  • Click “Add” to view the added KDUCATO on your token list.



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