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DELIO DUCATO Launches Hash Power Collateral Lending Service

DELIO DUCATO launched ‘Hash Power BTC Lending Service’ that lends BTC on the security of hash rate and started the lending service for hash power providing firms such as Bitfury.

Hash Power is a mining capability of miners in a blockchain network. The higher the hash power, the more digital assets they can mine such as bitcoin.

Recently, the digital asset market has seen its value rise along with changes in the perception of digital assets as large US investment banks such as JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, and City Bank started to enter the market. Also, in Korea, KB Bank and NH Bank have entered the domestic market in earnest with the announcement of the digital asset custody service launch and raised their value along with a change in their perception of virtual assets.

As digital assets such as Bitcoin are becoming more and more meaningful assets, hash power, a key capability for Bitcoin mining, is also gaining renewed attention as a valuable digital asset. Numerous blockchain infrastructure companies are already making large investments in hash power.

Roy Jang, a director of the DELIO DUCATO business development division said “With the strength of digital assets such as bitcoin, hash power is receiving attention. So Delio decided to launch the hash power collateral lending service and recently lent 50BTC with hash power as collateral for the companies which use Bitfury mining pool. This will be the first case of recognizing that hash power can be used as new collateral”.

Meanwhile, DELIO DUCATO is planning to provide hash power collateral service and a global sales network in cooperation with Bitfury, a company specializing in virtual asset mining and blockchain solutions.



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