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Ducato, completed the Klayswap event in success, “Proved to be a notable DeFi project”

Ducato, Delio’s DeFi protocol, proved to be the most noteworthy DeFi token, achieving a high earning rate in the KLAYswap pair voting event.

Ducato won 628,930 votes at the vKSP voting event held at KLAYswap from June 25th to July 1st.

KLAYSwap is the largest DeFi platform in Korea with $1 billion in deposited assets and an average daily transaction of $50 million. Users receive the right to vote (vKSP) in return for staking the KSP in the KLAYswap, which distributes 50% of the transaction fee if they vote for project liquidity pools.

The DeFi projects can receive more KSPs as rewards if they get more vKSPs by voting. The yield also increases as users pay more attention to the projects, and Ducato received 628,930 vKSP, nearly five times the original target of 130,000 vKSP, and the liquidity pool yield soared to 430% as of July 1.

A Ducato official said, “This voting event was very meaningful in that many users paid attention to the Ducato project, and it could reflect in a phenomenal 430% annual return. We will continue to present various visions and strengthen the competitiveness of the project so that more users can participate.”

Ducato is a hybrid-type DeFi model that is combined with a centralized Delio service to solve the liquidity and scalability of existing DeFi. This presents an unrivaled model that complements Delio’s flexibility and scalability with its CeFi (Centralized Finance) technology, which are considered as weaknesses of existing DeFi.

It is also preparing to launch a RoundRobin later this year, smart contract-based DeFi services designed to ensure fast exchange and stable service of crypto assets. RoundRobin helps to participate in a wide range of deposit offerings through Swap without the process of buying and selling on the CeFi exchanges. Ducato is currently working with CMC Global, a professional company that has acquired CMMI Level 3 as a professional developer of blockchain and RPA, for stable service development of RoundRobin.



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