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Ducato’s DeFi service “Round Robin”, Financial popularization led by Ducato

ucato is a project within Delio’s crypto-asset ecosystem that helps to establish a hybrid defi ecosystem through its lending, deposit, wallet, and liquidity services and facilitates the issuance of derivative assets and operation of synthetic assets. The platform uses a distributed financial protocol based on smart blockchain contracts and provides liquidity and convenience, which are advantages of finance, based on the reliability of decentralized finance.

Ducato, which is attracting attention due to optimized blockchain technology, scalable ecosystem, and decentralized governance, is recently preparing for a “Round Robin,” a DeFi project that allows anyone to use financial services only if they access the Internet. In response, Blockchain Today met with Liham Lim, COO at Ducato Project, and heard the details.

Please tell us about the Ducato project

The Ducato project is Hybrid 2.0 DeFi, leading the popularization of crypto finance. Hybrid 2.0 DeFi is a protocol that connects CeFi and DeFi to a new ecosystem built on the reliability of DeFi based on blockchain smart contracts by adding liquidity and convenience, which are the strengths of CeFi.

The concept of financial services such as centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) can be somewhat challenging. Centralization and decentralization seem to be the opposite concepts, but they are located on the same financial service called “exchange,” and management entities are the only difference.

In this regard, Ducato is a hybrid financial token used as a reward token in CeFi and as a key currency in DeFi.

Please explain the relationship between Ducato and Delio.

Delio is Ducato’s family company, the largest Crypto Finance company in Korea with 4.5 million members. Ducato runs hybrid DeFi, providing a variety of crypto financial services within Delio’s cryptocurrency ecosystem, including lending, depositing, and yield farming. If you proceed with the cryptocurrency deposit service in Delio, you can get the interest as the Ducato token.

Delio complements DeFi’s weaknesses, liquidity, and scalability, while Ducato provides convenience and trust to Delio users with its advantages of speed and transparency. Hybrid 2.0 DeFi services, combined with the benefits of CeFi and DeFi, can create a sustainable financial ecosystem to provide a range of financial services.

Today, Delio Ducato is focusing on popularizing Crypto finance through a fusion of CeFi and DeFi with Ducato protocol and Delio’s services.

Please explain if you have any projects planned

About 1.7 billion people in the current population do not engage in financial transactions. We are preparing a DeFi project called ‘Round Robin’ that anyone can use financial services if they have access to the Internet. Although traditional banking has been replaced by Internet banking, there are complex authentication processes and interfaces that make it difficult to access. Round Robin provides an easy interface to generate revenue for blockchain participants with an optimal user experience.

Round Robin runs on a blockchain basis, so you can use the service without signing up for an account by providing personal information and manage the approval of all financial transactions on your own.

While DeFi, known as decentralized finance, may be somewhat difficult for ordinary users, Round Robin is a service that makes it easier for anyone to use. The mission of the Ducato project is to provide a service that enables anyone to participate in DeFi and manage and invest in personal crypto assets.

Please explain more details about “Round Robin”

Round Robin is a smart contract-based DeFi service designed for fast exchange and reliable service of crypto assets. You can participate in various deposit products through Swap without having to buy or sell on the CeFi exchange. In the cryptocurrency market, safety and liquidity are essential to the fast and easy exchange of cryptocurrencies. Ducato is working with CMC Global, a professional company that has acquired CMMI Level 3 as a professional developer of blockchain and RPA for the stable service development of Round Robin.

It does not require a complicated process from identification to certification, so it has the advantage of reducing the time to use the service, and the automation and optimization of the process do not require intermediary intervention, making it easy and simple to use. In addition, crypto assets stored on exchanges and personal wallets can only expect profits from price fluctuations but depositing them in Round Robin’s liquidity pool can contribute to liquidity supply, resulting in additional rewards. If you believe in the value and growth potential of cryptocurrencies, it can be an effective investment destination.

Lastly, what do you want to emphasize to the readers of Monthly Blockchain Today?

Despite soaring and falling crypto assets in 2017, the number of users has steadily increased, surpassing 100 million in 2020. Despite the high volatility, the crypto asset industry has slowly expanded, and the steady increase in users has set the stage for DeFi’s growth. However, the crypto market is still unstable. It is because we cannot see or touch it. Nevertheless, blockchain and cryptocurrency have come to us deeply and will provide various things.

A few days ago, I saw my nephew who was babbling unlocking my cell phone. I was surprised to see her pushing the icon with a cute finger with a short joint to activate my cell phone. I thought there would be a completely different view of thinking depending on the generation. We have been through changes all the time, but I think we have gotten used to frequent changes. I think it is time to prepare for the changing environment.

To meet the customers’ expectations, we will strengthen the value of ‘Hybrid 2.0 DeFi Ducato’. Please show a lot of interest and support.



The DUCATO Protocols aims at developing an optimized blockchain technology, providing user-centric services, expanding of network participants and developing credible algorithm and decentralized governance for network users profit.

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