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Method of Converting DUCATO to KDUCATO at Orbit Bridge

You can easily convert DUCATO to KDUCATO at Orbit Bridge by following the manual below for Klayswap!

  1. Buy DUCATO on Coinone
  • Buy DUCATO as much as you want on Coinone and transfer to Metamask.

2. Select Coin to switch on Orbit Bridge

  • Click ‘Select Coin’ on Orbit Bridge and select DUCATO.

3. Select Validator Group

  • Select Group1 and click ‘Confirm’.

4. Select the From Chain and Connect Metamask

  • Select Ethereum for the From Chain and connect your Metamask wallet.

5. Confirm Connection

  • Check the account in the Metamask wallet and click ‘Next’. Confirm that Metamask was connected to Orbit Bridge.

6. Approval Process

  • Click ‘Approve’ to proceed the first approval process. The approval process is part of the transition process for assets through Orbit Bridge, and the information in the blanks should be filled in to complete the transition process.
  • If you have only a small amount of Ethereum, approval will not proceed.

7. Select ‘To Chain’ and Enter Address

  • Select ‘Klaytn’ for ‘To Chain’ and enter the exact Recipient Address. Be aware that coin conversion may not proceed when entering a wrong address and you may lose your asset.

8. Conversion Start

  • Click ‘Convert Now’ to start the transition process.

9. Confirm Conversion

  • Review all the information and click ‘Confirm’. If the information does not match, click ‘Cancel’ and reenter.

10. Conversion Complete

  • Check the Conversion Complete Page.

11. Conversion History

  • On the Explorer tab, you can see all the transaction history of coin transfer(supports wallet address or transaction hash search).



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