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DUCATO FINANCE GROUP unveils the new ‘2022 Ducato Project Roadmap’ as follows.
Ducato plans to issue collateral stablecoins (KRD) based on the Ducato protocol centering on its partner project, RoundRobin, and to operate the RoundRobin Auto Farm service. We plan to build Ducato’s crypto finance ecosystem by implementing diversified platforms such as DUCATO Station, a CeFi platform for virtual asset storage (deposit) and staking, and NFT Market, an NFT investment/trading platform. Thank you

※ Ducato White Paper (v1.0) will be announced in early February 2022 based on this roadmap.

DUCATO Roadmap Blueprint

DUCATO Ecosystem Introduction

DUCATO ecosystem aims to make it easier and more efficient for participants to invest in cryptocurrency. The distributed financial system implemented in the Ducato ecosystem provides overall financial services including Token Exchange, Yield Farming, decentralized credit platform, Stablecoin issuance and Investing NFTs. Participants can become virtual asset investors and expand the scope of their investment activities through Ducato’s various services.

(1) Ducato Protocol

In the Ducato ecosystem, when the value of virtual assets held by participants is expected to rise or fall, Ducato Protocol can issue a stablecoin KRD using Klaytn-based virtual assets as collateral to achieve leverage or value preservation.

(2) Ducato Finance Token

Within this ecosystem, Ducato token becomes the core currency of overall finance and is used for investment activities by participants, and is used as a governance token to create a fair and transparent financial system that participants can trust.

(3) Stablecoin KRD

The stablecoin KRD is a collateral-based virtual asset linked to the Korean won and can be issued through the Ducato Protocol. KRD is fixed at the value of 1KRD = 1WON, so it is designed to preserve its value in a highly volatile market.

(4) RoundRobin

RoundRobin serves to expand the scope of virtual asset investment by becoming the center of the ecosystem through token exchange, pool deposit, and staking services. Participants can easily trade any tokens registered in RoundRobin and deposit them in the pool to earn rewards.

(5) Ducato Station

Ducato Station is a CeFi wallet service that allows participants to safely store and stake the virtual assets of ecosystem. Participants can use the service easily through a friendly interface, and it contributes to ecosystem stabilization by supplying liquidity to roundrobin, the DEX service of the Ducato ecosystem.

(6) Ducato AutoFarm

Ducato AutoFarm is a DeFi Yield Aggregator that automatically deposits LP tokens deposited in the roundrobin pool, making the participant convenience and investment activities more efficient.

(7) NFT Market

Any token holders using the Ducato ecosystem can invest in NFT of special value that are leading new trends in the virtual asset field.

(8) Metaverse

DUCATO metaverse is a virtual community where participants interested in virtual asset investment can gather and exchange information and knowledge. In addition, Ducato token holders can make decisions about the Ducato ecosystem operation policy in the metaverse space.

Ducato Roadmap Promotion Schedule (1st Quarter of 2022 ~ First Half of 2023)

2022 1Q
DUCATO Whitepaper 1.0
Listing ‘DUCATO’ on roundrobin
Listing ‘DUCATO’ on Klayswap
Listing ‘RRT’ on Klayswap
Listing ‘DUCATO’on the CEX (KR)
Listing ‘RRT’on the CEX (KR)
roundrobin V1.2 Update

DUCATO Autofarm Open(beta)
roundrobin V2.0 Update
Listing ‘DUCATO’ on the DEX
NFT Market Service Open(beta)

DUCATO Sevice Open(CeFi Staking Wallet)
DUCATO Autofarm Open(beta)
Listing ‘DUCATO’on the CEX (KR)
NFT Market Service Open
Metaverse Sevice Open(beta)

Stable Token Issue (KRD)
DUCATO Protocol open (beta)
roundrobin V2.5 Update
Metaverse Sevice Open

2023 1st Half
DUCATO Protocol Open
Listing ‘DUCATO’on the CEX
Listing ‘RRT’on the CEX

Homepage: http://ducato.io
Telegram: https://t.me/DUCATO_Channel
Medium: https://medium.com/ducato




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