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[Notice] DUCATO Announcement : Token Swap 4th Week Details

DUCATO gave NEW DUCATO to holders who completed the swap and confirmation procedure without any problems from Jan 15, 2022 (Sat) to Jan 21, 2022 (Fri), the deadline for completing the third application.

However, in the case of application details that require additional confirmation and suspension, such as problems in the KYC process or errors in the application details, which are carried out for the purpose of preventing illegal distribution, a separate contact has been made. In this case, we will also give you a NEW DUCATO without any omissions if the verification is completed without any problems.

DUCATO strictly and transparently manages the swap procedure to control illegal distribution due to an accident presumed to be Delio hacking and to protect holders. Thank you.

4th week (2022.01.15~2022.01.21) Token swap progress

  1. KYC status

2. “Old DUCATO” sent wallet status

Cumulative Status (2021.12.27~)




The DUCATO Protocols aims at developing an optimized blockchain technology, providing user-centric services, expanding of network participants and developing credible algorithm and decentralized governance for network users profit.

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