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[Notice] DUCATO HQ Announcement : 1st AMA response

DUCATO HQ answers the inquiries as below, gathered by September 3, 2021. If there is anything that is not included this time, you can ask additional questions through the Google Form below. Thank you.

<1st AMA application details (until September 3, 2021, 23:59 (KST))>

- Application Status : 30 questions (Total 42 including the duplicated questions)

- Selected Questions : 20

※ Total 12 questions were answered, gathering the duplicated questions among the 20 questions.

※ Additional Inquiries (2nd AMA Application) :

DUCATO HQ Response

Q1. How many tokens were leaked by this accident?

A : Total 3,900,000 DUCATO were leaked on total of four times from a particular Ethereum wallet (0xff5E343AA7a5a65265d9F608EBd6aC92a685Bb14) from 04:30 (KST) to 06:02(KST) on August 14, 2021.

(1) 1st Leakage: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc6bc46b9af85f94e9d514622f79fa920993dfc7e7a13dc733fa5f1d26142dfdd

(2) 2nd Leakage: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x9b548926c562fd7d6d7a05ae132f1f781f06b752adb1a1407efc7df5eee7d83e

(3) 3rd Leakage: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xcc49bde588e72658d254f714c0942c34330d7687a10467f91520f81ed2796aff

(4) 4th Leakage: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xa89eb6106bcb439d69209d1decf85ddeb581b3c6ff94e9fc010bc54f6a2c7b6c

Q2. What are the circumstances of this accident?

A : The accident occurred in a wallet connected to the online platform(delio.io) owned by Delio, which is a partner company of DUCATO HQ.

※ A written apology from Delio : https://www.delio.io/notice/noticeDetail?id=120&p=0

Q3. What is the relationship between DUCATO HQ and Delio?

A : DUCATO HQ is currently making a new service, Hybrid DeFi 2.0, and one of the main CeFi partners is Delio. DUCATOHQ and Delio are separate corporations that are working separately from other business locations.

Q4. Who owns the leaked token?

A : The leaked token is a token directly entrusted by the DUCATO token holder to keep it in Delio Wallet. It is not a token held by DUCATOHQ.

Q5. What is the stance about Delio?

A : DUCATOHQ is asking Delio to establish a clear plan to handle the accident.

Q6. What is the remedy for the person who is in charge of the accident?

A : Since Delio has requested an investigation into the police, the handling of the person in charge is expected to take place after the facts are clarified by the police investigation.

Q7. What is the plan and quantity for buyback and burn?

A : DUCATO HQ is continuously discussing the schedule for buyback and token burn with the partner companies such as Delio. 150,000 buyback and a million token burn are completed so far. The progress such as additional quantities and schedule will be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

Q8. Why do you burn the token owned by the partner, not the amount in circulation?

A : The burnt amount of a million DUCATO so far was the amount to be circulated successively according to the original plan. The following policy for buyback or burn will be maintained, it will not distinguish the token owned by the partner or the amount in circulation.

Q9. Will the schedule for the lock-up release proceed regardless of the accident?

A : We are reviewing the overall circulation volume and lock-up schedule. We will make and disclose the best plan to protect the holders.

Q10. Can the roadmap be carried out properly?

A : DUCATO HQ will do its best to make the goals for the project regardless of the accident. The SWAP service scheduled on our roadmap will be properly launched in the fourth quarter.

Q11. How is the DUCATO token used?

A : DUCATO is a project started to construct a credible decentralized crypto finance ecosystem by implementing a blockchain technology, which is optimized for operating digital assets. DUCATO will be used on a DeFi platform, which DUCATO HQ is to construct. Also, it is expanding its use ranges centering on Crypto Finance by connecting the platforms with various partner companies.

Q12. DUCATO does not have enough communication channels. When will it open its community?

A : In addition to the ongoing AMA, DUCATO HQ will open various channels to strengthen the communication. DUCATO HQ will prepare a specific operation plan for this and announce it later.




The DUCATO Protocols aims at developing an optimized blockchain technology, providing user-centric services, expanding of network participants and developing credible algorithm and decentralized governance for network users profit.

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