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[Notice] ducato HQ announcement

Guidance on DUCATO Protocol Token Buy Back

To protect our investors and stabilize the market, DUCATO HQ has implemented buyback for DUCATO PROTOCOL TOKEN (hereinafter referred to as DUCATO TOKEN) as follows: DUCATO HQ will notify you in detail whenever we proceed with the buyback, incineration, etc.

Details of buyback on August 23rd

1. Buyback quantity : Total 150,000 DUCATO

2. Buyback method : Purchase KDUCATO from KLAYswap at market price and send it to the storage Wallet below

3. Buyback wallet address : 0x02cC808cF8f8C000AabdCEAf0Bd0049269C5D80b

※ You can check the details of the buyback implementation through the wallet address.

※ The type of the buyback token (ERC or KRC) and wallet can be changed.

4. Handling policy of the buyback completion quantity : Re-lockup the total quantity and progress it according to the existing token release schedule

DUCATO HQ will announce its overall market stabilization plan as soon as possible.

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