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[Virtual Talk, Crypto Asset] Companies that jumped into cryptocurrencies, financial ecosystem upheaval

- Program: Virtual Talk, Crypto-Asset

- Date: Monday, August 9th, 2021 at 17:00 ~ 17:30 (KST)

- Broadcaster: HanKyung TV

- Topic: Companies that jumped into cryptocurrencies, financial ecosystem upheaval

Regulations of a stable coin, what are the effects of cryptocurrency market?

In conclusion, it is unlikely to have much effect. Cryptocurrency can be largely divided into three types: assets, currency, and securities, and since stable coins are close to currency, and the other assets are a type of securities, the market is likely to expand. In other words, digital currency and digital crypto-assets can be interoperated, so they can be seen positively.

The emergence of a new digital financial generation?

A new generation has already emerged. It is called generation B, which means the generation of blockchain and bitcoin, who trade or invest in digital or crypto assets. Generation B includes about 6 million people, which is about 10% of the people, and generation MZ accounts for about 45% and those in their 40s or older unlike what is mentioned in the media. It is distinguished by certain patterns rather than age, and they are characterized by high financial and investment in virtual assets and having capital power.

An era in which individuals become financial agents through tokenization?

It is safe to say that everything in the world is becoming tokenized, thanks to blockchain technology. The tokenized version of the currency is CBDC and Stable Coin, while stocks and real estate are becoming NFTs for securities-type STO tokens, content, and IP (Intellectual Property Rights). If an individual can issue and distribute tokens on a blockchain that cannot be falsified, it can lead to financial personalization. In the future, the influence of traditional financial sectors will be reduced relatively and individuals will become direct agents of finance.

Virtual Talk Crypto Assets Episode 7 discussed the overall content of non-face-to-face financing, ‘digital coin’ in the post-corona era without banks. Virtual Talk will continue to provide information on various digital assets, including cryptocurrency, so it would be good to watch the live broadcast every Monday.

※ From the 9th episode on Monday, August 23rd, the broadcast live will be at 7 pm(KST).




The DUCATO Protocols aims at developing an optimized blockchain technology, providing user-centric services, expanding of network participants and developing credible algorithm and decentralized governance for network users profit.

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