An Introduction to DuckDAO: The First Community-Driven Crypto Incubator

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3 min readAug 28, 2020


DuckDAO is a decentralized incubator that helps promising projects achieve their full potential by leveraging the investment power and buzz-making potential of our community.

We aim to democratize access to investment opportunities that were previously available only to well-heeled investors and venture funds, opening up the closed ecosystem of early-stage crypto project investments to everybody.

What We Do

DuckDAO looks to break the cycle of early-stage investments in high-potential cryptocurrency projects, which typically see large traditional VCs buy out stacks of tokens in strategic, seed, and private sale investment rounds at far lower prices than retail investors got during the public sale. These VCs would then dump their holdings on retail investors to secure an easy profit, while simultaneously damaging sentiment surrounding the project.

Instead, we believe in cultivating long-term partnerships with the projects we support, helping to establish healthy, natural growth that builds lasting success.

Our involvement with projects can be classified into three distinct tiers:

🐥 Tier 1 (Incubation Level): We work with projects from their very beginnings up until the points they are listed on an exchange — plus more in aftercare. Incubated projects benefit from a range of marketing, advisory, and listing services to help catapult the project to success.

🐥 Tier 2 (Strategic Contribution Level): We assist projects with social media strategy, including Twitter and Telegram.

🐥 Tier 3 (General Contribution Level): DuckDAO manages OTC sales and community requests — there is no direct involvement with the project.

Our community, which are lovingly nicknamed “Ducks,” is a crucial part of this process, since they help both finance and support the growth of our partner projects.

Decentralizing Opportunity: How it Works

As part of our collaboration, projects provide DuckDAO users with an allocation of tokens which we distribute to those who have joined our token-permissioned Telegram communities.

This is achieved through our token, the DuckDAO Token ($DD), which can be leveraged to access our community tiers — each of which provides increasing benefits for our community.

To access each membership tier, Ducks need to hold at least a fixed minimum number of $DD tokens in their MetaMask wallet (as determined by the bot). Our current token-permissioned membership groups are:

🐥 The Duck Fightclub: 40 $DD

🐥 Beach Club: 800 $DD

🐥 Gentlemen’s Club (VIP): 10,000 $DD

🐥 Diamond Club (VVIP): 40,000 $DD

🐥 Duck Allstars Club: Top 10 $DD holder

$DD can be purchased on Uniswap or earned by participating in community events, such as interactive interviews (AMAs) with our projects. Besides our exclusive membership communities, DuckDAO also operates a lobby for general discussions. Users will be automatically removed from a group if their $DD balance falls below the minimum threshold.

Customers in the highest tiers benefit from a larger percentage of the allocation we receive from each project, and hence members in higher tiers have a larger personal cap. We try to ensure part of the allocation reaches all premium tiers, giving everybody a chance to claim a stake in hot new projects.

A Track Record of Success

Our process is simple. We perform extensive due diligence checks on potential projects to ensure they meet our rigorous standards of safety and stand an excellent chance of achieving great success with the help of our Ducks.

This process has helped DuckDAO work with some of the biggest names in the industry in recent months, including Geeq, DeFiPie, and Fyooz, — each of which achieved more than tenfold returns on the public markets when compared to our entry prices.

Our incredible track record has helped us secure partnerships with prominent YouTubers, including IvanOnTech and Boxmining, who also work to share crucial insights with their followers, making the industry a more accessible place for all.

To become one of our Ducks, join us in the DuckDAO Telegram Lobby. To see how DuckDAO can kickstart your project, reach out to us by email.

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