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Collateral DeFi DuckSTARTER Whitelist

Collateral DeFi is coming to DuckSTARTER! 🚀🚀🚀

Collateral DeFi Public Sale Details

  • Total allocation: $150k
  • Price per token: $0.40 per $COLL
  • Total $COLL Tokens available: 375,000 $COLL
  • Restricted Countries: USA and U.S. Territories, Syria, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Iraq, Libya, South Sudan, and North Sudan.
  • Total Seats: 456
  • Public Offering Date: Wednesday, 31.03 @ 11 am UTC

DuckSTARTER Method

The Collateral DeFi DuckSTARTER event will use the Batch Lottery / Platinum FCFS mix to facilitate the public offering. In addition, a very small allocation is provided to T0 in an effort to grow the ecosystem and provide new users with the opportunity to test out the system.

In short:

  • T0 — Batch Lottery
  • Bronze — Batch Lottery
  • Silver — Batch Lottery
  • Gold — Batch Lottery
  • Platinum — FCFS

Note: We are aware that Gold users are requesting FCFS as well and this is very much on the table for the future, however for now we are keeping this schedule as we believe it provides the most value and information helping us continue to improve the DuckSTARTER experience.

Getting Whitelisted

  • Whitelist open: Wednesday, 24.03
  • Whitelist close: Monday, 29.03
  • Public Offering Date: Wednesday, 31.03 @ 11am UTC

Collateral DeFi Whitelist requirement:

To whitelist for the Collateral DeFi DuckSTARTER public offering, please complete the following:

1️⃣ Like and tag 2 friends 👉

2️⃣ Follow @CollateralDefi on Twitter —

3️⃣ Follow @dao_duck on Twitter —

4️⃣ Join Collateral DeFi’s Telegram Community Group —

5️⃣ Join Collateral DeFi’s Announcement Channel —

6️⃣ Join DuckDAO’s DLP Group —

7️⃣ Complete KYC for DuckSTARTER —

8️⃣ Fill out the whitelist form —

DuckSTARTER Process:

To participate in the Collateral DeFi Public Offering on DuckSTARTER, you will need to connect your wallet to the platform and obtain your DuckSTARTER tier. This will involve locking up your DUCK tokens for a short period.

This particular public offering will feature a tier zero. Please note that the tier zero allocation is minimal compared to all other tiers!

DuckSTARTER Tiers:

  • Tier Zero — 0 DUCK
  • Bronze — 2,000 DUCK
  • Silver — 5,000 DUCK
  • Gold — 10,000 DUCK
  • Platinum — 20,000 DUCK

Click here to see how to get your DuckSTARTER tier.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll see something like this to reflect your current DuckSTARTER tier:


You will need to complete a simple KYC process to be eligible to participate in the Collateral DeFi public offering. We use Blockpass for KYC verification, due to its simplicity and speed. To get your account KYC verified, simply click the “KYC your wallet now” button in your DuckSTARTER account dashboard.

Click here to see how to complete Blockpass KYC verification.

What is Collateral?

Collateral is a next-generation payment gateway that acts as a bridge between the crypto and fiat worlds — by allowing users to store, stake, loan, and spend their digital assets anywhere, anytime.

Through Collateral Pay, users can safely lock their cryptocurrencies in a smart contract via the Collateral app. Collateral will then make a fiat payment directly to any merchant that supports Collateral, and users can retrieve their cryptocurrencies by repaying what was spent.

All of this is done at the point of sale — meaning no need to pre-arrange anything. This allows merchants to easily reach long-term cryptocurrency holders, while users can extract spending power from their assets without losing out on its long-term appreciation.

Among its numerous other products, Collateral is also introducing Collateral Loan — a solution that allows users to take out low CLV, low-interest loans using their cryptocurrencies to make fiat payments to merchants that don’t yet accept Collateral. Users retain ownership of their collateral while it appreciates, and can retrieve their deposit by simply repaying their loan.

COLL is the native utility token of the Collateral ecosystem. COLL holders benefit from impressive staking APRs and receive a share of the fee derived from merchant fees and sold COLLs. On top of this, COLL tokens can be used to earn COLLG — a secondary token used for platform governance.

COLL staking pools will be available on the same day as TGE, ensuring users can stake their tokens to earn a reward from day 1.

🧠 Learn more about the project:

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast-track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or TEN thousand ducks?

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