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Introducing Cryptonovae, DuckDAO’s next exclusive incubation

DuckDAO is proud to announce the next incubation project, Cryptonovae, a unique all-in-one trading platform that unifies crypto markets and exchanges into a single interface. It is a game-changing project that will enable traders to access and execute the full potential of trading strategies currently unavailable for crypto traders globally.

Cryptonovae’s core strength is its executive team. The team brings enterprise financial software development, banking, marketing, hedge funds, and trading experience to the market with their platform. Powered by the native YAE utility token, Cryptonovae creates an ecosystem that provides secure digital asset management across multiple exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

The Cryptonovae solution addresses many challenges faced by crypto traders today:

Regarding the incubation, a DuckDAO spokesperson said:

“Crypto is growing rapidly, and with many traditional market makers and institutional traders entering the field, they will need a solution like Cryptonovae to utilize the full power of the crypto markets. Additionally, millions of retail traders need a tool like Cryptonovae to realize their full potential. We believe Cryptonovae will provide a unified trading experience by bringing multiple exchanges into one interface, and with that, create new opportunities for everyone.”

Cryptonovae CEO, Mathieu Sicsic, added:

“As a project that aims to provide the most intuitive and homogenous trading software for traders of all skill levels, we at Cryptonovae highly resonate with DuckDAO’s mission statement of providing access to early-stage crypto investment opportunities for everybody. “

The DDIM inner community will be the first to have the opportunity to become an early adopter of Cryptonovae, followed by Farmcubations and DuckSTARTER in the future as the project reaches maturity leading up to the launch. DuckDAO is fully supporting Cryptonovae with its team of strategic partners, network, and community.

About Cryptonovae

Cryptonovae is a secure all-in-one trading ecosystem that helps users manage digital assets across multiple exchanges, regardless if they are decentralized or centralized markets. It offers a sophisticated trading experience through advanced features, packed in an intuitive interface, making it useful for traders of all skill levels.

Within the ecosystem, users can tap into the collective trading knowledge and access automated trading systems, signals, and trading tools designed by other traders and fully integrated with Cryptonovae. The YAE token is a central piece of the ecosystem, providing users with transaction fee waivers and rewards.

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Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or a thousand ducks?

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