DuckDAO and Ethermail Join Forces

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3 min readMar 7, 2023


We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with EtherMail, a revolutionary Web 3 Email Solution, aimed at revolutionizing communication with our token holders. This strategic partnership underscores our commitment to providing our community with innovative and secure communication channels.

At DuckDAO, we believe in fostering a transparent and engaging relationship with our community. Therefore, we are excited to leverage EtherMail’s cutting-edge platform to deliver personalized newsletters, timely and tailored updates, and relevant information directly to our token holders’ inboxes. With EtherMail, we can ensure that our community members receive the most up-to-date information in a secure and anonymous fashion, promoting trust and confidence.

This partnership represents a significant milestone for both DuckDAO and EtherMail. For EtherMail, this is a tremendous opportunity to showcase its innovative Web 3 Email Solution to our active and dedicated community of token holders, thereby expanding their reach and user base. On the other hand, for DuckDAO, this partnership is a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering top-notch services to our community members.

At DuckDAO, we believe that our tokenholders are the backbone of our project, and that is why we are always exploring ways to improve their experience. We are confident that our partnership with EtherMail will enhance our communication channels and promote a better understanding of our project’s developments and initiatives.

In conclusion, we’re confident that this exciting partnership will drive our project’s growth while providing our token holders with a secure and anonymous platform to engage with us. We will continue to explore new and innovative ways to enhance our community’s experience and build a strong, engaged, and supportive community.

What is Ethermail?

EtherMail is a pioneering Web3 Email Solution that sets the standard for secure and anonymous wallet-to-wallet communication. With EtherMail, users can communicate with each other in a fully anonymous peer-to-peer fashion, and they can earn rewards for reading relevant content in their inbox. The platform also enables companies to send personalized and pertinent content to their asset holders based on real-time blockchain information.

How is Ethermail different from other Email Providers?

The EtherMail solution stands out from legacy email providers by promoting incentive alignment among users and companies. This alignment is based on fundamental principles such as the possibility of anonymous communication, fair compensation for users based on their value to advertisers, and free communication between users. This approach allows advertisers and users to collaborate to provide an exceptional email marketing and communication experience where both parties know what to expect from each other.

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