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DuckDAO Community Update — 1.20.2021 to 1.30.2021

Last week was brutal on the DuckDAO sleep schedule, but we have a lot to show for our sacrifices. It was a week full of engagement and activity, and with this article, we want to give you a summary of the latest news!

Tier 1 Project — keyTango

keyTango is a new Tier 1 project by DuckDAO that helps DeFi beginners achieve more with DeFi. Their main focus is on improving the user experience for DeFi applications, making the whole space more accessible through simple and effective design, akin to traditional investing apps.

They are launching in Q1 2021 with the goal of providing opportunities for retail investors to dive deeper into the complicated world of DeFi, with minimal complexity.

Designed for beginners and new entrants, their platform provides a simple user interface that takes little to no time to set up and onboard users, coupled with an aesthetically pleasing design. Considered a DeFi platform for everyone, it makes everything accessible with a few clicks and customizes your experience with different recommendations derived from your activity and interests.

DuckDAO is excited to partner with keyTango, as they are truly addressing a need and bringing newcomers into a rapidly growing space. Adoption is key, and creating an easy-to-use interface could be the catalyst to increased adoption in DeFi. We will be supporting keyTango with their token sale, marketing and promotion, and different exchange listings. Their token sale of TANGO is scheduled in Q1 2021; more news on this will come soon.

Tier 2 Projects


Powered by Polkadot, Unido is a new platform that helps cryptocurrency enterprises and asset management firms invest and manage their digital assets in a simple and secure manner, mainly in the DeFi realm.

They offer a package of DeFi and crypto banking management tools. In today’s world, there are various security and accessibility issues, so Unido’s aim is to solve these problems — their product is already developed and they have begun pilot programs with several digital banks.

Their product consists of an easy-to-use dashboard, a DeFi vault that stores your crypto in a variety of popular networks such as Uniswap, and a business banking portal allowing you to manage your daily operations and expenses.

Shadows Network

Shadows Network is a new decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol developed on Substrate, giving everyone the ability to trade on-chain assets from anywhere around the globe.

It is powered by its DOWS token, and these synthetic assets can be distributed as long as DOWs are locked in smart contracts. With this technology, smart contracts will automatically convert synthetic assets to another without an order book, intermediaries, and eliminate the issues of liquidity and price slippage.

Through their protocol, their ultimate goal is to ensure collateralize these synthetic assets and create them into digital stores of value.


Vortex DeFi is a DeFi platform with the mission of merging all DeFi tools onto its one platform, serving as an umbrella.

They want to connect the Ethereum and Polkadot to provide more opportunities to yield farmers with their applications that will allow users to lend/borrow, receive insurance on their crypto, and allow for easy swapping of cryptos.

It will be powered by Yearn Finance that will allow yield farmers to obtain the best rates amongst the different popular lending protocols, ensuring further confidence in their product.

With this model, Vortex hopes to ease the difficulty of entry and learning curve in DeFi and provide yield farmers with the best opportunities possible.


We are truly excited to announce DuckSTARTER, a new platform that provides crypto users with additional chances to become a part of new and prospective blockchain projects. Offerings on this platform can usually be considered as the final step before the project is publicly listed on a major DEX.

Users will need to hold a certain amount of DUCK tokens in their wallet to participate in these opportunities on DuckSTARTER.

There is no official launch date for our platform at this time, but it will be launching on the Ethereum blockchain with the aim to be on the Polkadot blockchain as well; additional updates will also be released in the next couple of weeks. There will also be offerings of various different KYC options for new projects upon applying.

DuckDAO Hunters

For all of our hunters, we are pleased to share news that two intermediary prizes will be released for Season 1!

There were 12 winners for the third intermediary prize and 24 winners for the fourth intermediary prize. $12,500 in prize money per set will be divided between the winners.

Winners of the third prize completed the first community partners set, and the winners of the fourth prize Adventurer and Voidfarer sets.

The final grand prize of $100,000 for Season 1 will also be announced soon — this will be given to the person who collected the most unique NFTs this season.

Thank you again to everyone participating; good job on finding your clues, and more news to come!

Weekly Duck News on “New Kids On The Blockchain”

We started a media collaboration with “New Kids On The Blockchain” where we go over some of the most important news in an interview format between the Duck and the hosts.

Watch it now!


Three new AMAs were conducted with The CertiK Foundation, keyTango, and Shadows Network. AMAs happen in the DuckDAO Lobby group where the community generates questions and the best questions are rewarded!

Join the DuckDAO Lobby for an opportunity to participate in upcoming AMAs

AMA summaries are a great way to learn more about a project, as they are simply a recorded conversation between the community and the project guests. In addition, they double up as backups for ducks that could not attend, making sure that the AMA experience is not lost in the thousands of messages in the DuckDAO Lobby.


On Monday, January 25th, we conducted another AMA with Dan Danay, the CEO of keyTango.

More details can be found here.

Shadows Network

On Thursday, January 28th, we had an AMA with Ted Shao, the COO and co-founder of Shadows Network.

More details can be found here.

CertiK Foundation

On Wednesday, January 20th, we had an AMA with Marco Calicchia, Connie Lam, and Aaron Leibowitz from the CertiK Foundation.

You can find further details here.

Farmcubation Distributions + Pre-Staking Rewards

To top it all off, we had two successful farmcubation distributions for Polkacover and Insured Finance on DuckFARM, and distributed Poolz pre-staking rewards;

DDIM pre-staking rewards are expected to be distributed soon.

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