DuckDAO Community Update 24.12.2020

Successful DUCK launch, Market Maker Drop, Intermediary Prize & Trading Competition Winners, Last Card Auction

4 min readDec 24, 2020


Successful Launch of The DUCK Token

Starting Wednesday the DUCK farming contract was activated on Ethereum’s block 11508891 and early-stage liquidity providers are already harvesting their token rewards.

The flawless launch of the DLP and DUCK token led to 7 million DUCK staked with the one-side burn, representing about 35% of the current circulating DUCK supply.

All of these tokens will be burned when unstaked, lowering the DUCK market cap down the line. These liquidity providers have considered their options and decided to have real skin in the game.

DUCK was at the top of DEXtools’ Hot Pairs list, followed by DDIM in 6th place. The support of our community and partners was vital in achieving this great outcome. We are grateful for all of your support during this process and your patience while we were performing security audits.

Soon after the Uniswap launch, the token was added to the CoinGecko token tracked and DUCK reached the 4th position on the highest trading volume charts on the platform.

We made some calculations to calculate the ROI of presale DUCK buyers and at the time of writing they’ve made about 17.5x on their original investment.

We did our best to create the best farming product for our community, a protocol that will last the test of time, and we are happy to say this is just the beginning. The DuckDAO continues to work hard to provide early-stage opportunities for its community.

It’s not too late to become a DUCK liquidity provider and stake with DLP.

Read this article to get started, and if you need any help, let us know on Telegram.

Pre-Staker rewards

Our next incubation project, Poolz stepped up to support the DLP and DuckDAO to airdrop tokens to Duckfarm pre-stakers.

This event is over and rewards will be distributed after $Poolz TGE.

DeFiPie Farmdrop

In order to celebrate DeFiPie’s Ethereum mainnet dApp release, rewarded DUCK farmers with a share of 80,000 $PIE on behalf of DeFiPie’s support for DuckDAO and Duckfarm. Both DUCK/DDIM and DUCK/ETH were rewarded.

DuckDAO Hunters

Trading Competition Winners

The DDIM trading competition on LAtoken ended on December 22nd, with 10 winners of “Sam — The Market Maker” rewards.

15 rewards of 100 USDT were also distributed to lucky winners that traded at least 100 DDIM between December 3rd and December 22nd.

Full list of winners can be found on LaToken’s website.

The list of NFT winners:

  • 0xb9189FA987AB126c9d16eEd5f1065c7f094A8d02
  • 0x6084ebcfb2663b700C7288f6182D06247e840B9c
  • 0x773Bad038D2671442f0d2a675F61409c94C5f637
  • 0x60a73D9c0A5b63D2603029088d25aCa39726336D
  • 0xA9719887c480c47cc8Aaa5983FEC9acA45569fa9
  • 0xd28cC48FBA984e4AD09758443a65b51683F39C1C
  • 0xA3E33f77551Dd8c6570103E5639E80457c709F7c
  • 0x5588014Aa80ca565a492b4541304a6B730a54ABB
  • 0x9Fe50A001C0E27998F50956B6f5bC131FC8D3Dd2
  • 0x39Bc6E1e92cA1ae63937aa6F60ecf0f733bdE9Db

Intermediary Prize #2 Delivered to Winners

$12,500 was shared among 10 winners, netting each of them $1,250 in rewards for collecting the “Illuminati” DuckDAO Hunters set!

Congratulations to all of the winners! More intermediary prizes coming up before the finale.

DuckDAO Auction of “Michael — The Venture Capitalist”

“Michael — The Venture Capitalist” will be up for grabs in an auction organized between Christmas and New Year.

This is the last undistributed card in the entire 48 NFT collection and whoever gets this copy will most likely be the winner of the grand prize.

Make sure to not miss your chance at ultimate victory and keep an eye on the DuckDAO Hunters Telegram channel where the auction will be announced.

Good luck Hunters!

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

The DuckDaoDime token is your key to unlocking all of the DuckDAO benefits. You can access DDIM here.

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