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DuckDAO Community Update

DLP Testing, NFT Airdrop, and news from the ecosystem.

The DuckDAO is moving with full steam in this past week. We have a major surprise planned for all of our ducks in the next week, so keep an eye out for that. Join our Telegram and follow us on Medium so you don’t miss the announcement of the announcement.

Duck Liquidity Pool on the Rinkeby testnet

We’ve been hard at work to get the latest addition to our ecosystem and provide rewards for loyal DuckDAO supporters. Today, the DLP is undergoing the second stress test on the Rinkeby Test Network. If all goes well, we will be able to launch this new product in the next week.

The Duck Liquidity Pool will reward DDIM liquidity providers with the opportunity to stake their Liquidity Tokens in exchange for a DUCK reward, a novel token that will be the foundation for decentralizing the DuckDAO.

Three new strategic partnerships

We’ve entered strategic partnerships with YIELD, PAID Network, and PolkaCover, providing leverage to generate amazing opportunities for our community. All three of the projects will become closely aligned with the DuckDAO, and we will provide them with strategic and marketing support.

On a side note, we’ve also established another community partnership with the SpykeFast Community. Our ever-growing ecosystem of community partners helps us spread important messages and provide more value to strategic partners, especially on social media where it’s all about engagement.

Bondly and $BASED listing by the end of November

We’ve received information that Bondly and BASED will both get listed by the end of this month on a centralized exchange, providing a lot of stability to their tokens. Bondly’s token sale is completed and all efforts are going towards the implementation of their listing.

Further notifications will be provided on Telegram, Twitter, and Medium once the listing is live.

YIELD AMA, one of our recent strategic partners has agreed to answer all of the community’s questions with an AMA that will take place tomorrow Tuesday, at 3 pm CET. The AMA is happening in our Telegram group.

If you have questions for Yield’s team, you can use the #whatisyield hashtag to ask questions that you want to be included in this AMA. We will select 20 of the best questions and ask them during our conversation with the team.

Hope to see you there!

DuckDAO Hunters Surprise

Big things are in store for the near future with our NFT collectible game DuckDAO Hunters. We’ve seen all of your questions and this final piece of the puzzle will answer many of them.

Our number one priority is to make the game as fair as possible and give everyone a fair chance at winning the $100,000 grand prize.

One little ducky told us that one of the surprises will be unveiled tomorrow after the AMA, so keep your DDIM safe for the next week as we move forward to provide you with the last missing piece of the DuckDAO Hunters puzzle.

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed blockchain-centric incubator platform that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to put them on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or a thousand ducks?




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