DuckDAO Enters Strategic Partnership With YIELD

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2 min readNov 17, 2020

Taking advantage of cutting-edge DeFi opportunities comes with a cost. Entering and exiting a position requires more than ten steps. It also involves significant amounts of research to be conducted before investing.

YIELD is the latest strategic partner of DuckDAO, and we will help them achieve their mission of simplifying DeFi and making it available for everyone. By eliminating the unnecessary steps required, YIELD hopes to create a solution that will make it easier, cheaper, and more effective to participate in the DeFi economy.

YIELD will weave a thread that connects DeFi money legos and incorporate yield farming specialists to develop, test, and productize DeFi strategies, creating the first-ever DeFi banking product on the market.

Regarding the partnership, YIELD Founder and Project Lead Tim Frost said:

“Joining forces with the DuckDAO ecosystem will enable us to connect with a vocal and inquisitive community that stretches around the globe. Through our collaboration with the DAO, we will be able to join forces with the people that care about DeFi, user experience, and banking to develop the best possible product, and focus our improvement efforts on features that matter.”

The DuckDAO is beyond excited to be a part of YIELD’s story, and we have many opportunities planned for you with our partner. If you are interested in DeFi, but not the current complexities of getting it to work for you, make sure to connect with YIELD’s channels.


DeFi banking in your pocket is YIELD’s slogan and they’ve developed a plan on how they can achieve this goal. Their mission is to establish a haven for investing and saving, built on top of current and future DeFi tools, making decentralized finance accessible as traditional alternatives. Their team is a diverse group of people bringing together relevant experience in legal, marketing, economics, trading, and development. Developers have worked with cross-chain Ethereum technologies, and the founder has made personal contributions to QTUM, NEO, Wirex, and Paxful.

Connect with them on the platform of your choice.

Blog: https://www.YIELD/blog





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