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DuckDAO Forges Strategic Partnership with Boson Protocol

At DuckDAO, we are continuously looking to forge partnerships with projects we believe have both significant long term potential and add value to the cryptosphere.

With this view in mind, we’re proud to announce that Boson Protocol — a platform that aims to connect the real-world and its data with the digital economy via smart contracts and unique stateful Commitment Tokens — will join the DuckDAO family as a strategic partnership.

Unlike synthetics issuance platforms, Boson doesn’t directly tokenize real-world products or services, but instead tokenizes the commitment to exchange digital value for these products or services at a specific future date — similar to a futures contract representing the agreement to trade a physical service, product, or digital asset.

Each two-sided commitment to transact is represented by a unique Commitment Token and can be stored/transferred, easily assembled into more complex products, and programmed to enforce powerful rulesets without human intermediaries or arbiters.

Boson’s magic is in its two-sided escrow feature, which ensures both parties involved in a commitment have ‘skin in the game’, and will fulfill their side of an agreement or lose their deposit — enabling the exchange of practically anything to be enforced by Boson’s composable and programmable commitment tokens.

As a strategic partner, DuckDAO will work to help bolster Boson Protocol’s position in the industry through assistance with marketing, strategy, and growth, helping it reach its full potential and deliver its solution to its target audience.

About Boson Protocol

Boson Protocol’s vision is to enable a decentralized commerce ecosystem by funding and enabling the development of a stack of specialist applications to disrupt, demonopolize and democratize commerce.

Boson Protocol achieves this via an open tokenized economy of things which:

  • Automates the redemption of digital rights for physical assets using NFTs encoded with game theory.
  • Disrupts e-commerce platforms by tokenizing things and their data within a liquid digital market, built on DeFi.

The result is the elimination of centralized intermediaries and the minimization of arbitration, cost, and friction.

Learn More About Boson Protocol

Find Out More About DuckDAO🐥

DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

Who will win? One VC or TEN thousand ducks?

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