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DuckDAO Hunters — DuckDAO NFT Collectible Game

The next chapter in the DuckDAO saga

NFT’s have been a growing part of the crypto and blockchain ecosystem. The recent auction of Satoshi-inspired art “Portraits of a Mind” by Robert Alice, represents a breakthrough in cultural development bringing NFT’s to the headlines of major media outlets around the world.

The world’s first crypto art and NFT auction closed at a record-breaking $131,250 USD and inspired a new wave of NFT related collection games, new artists, and a wave of renewed enthusiasm for these tokens, previously only seen during the CryptoKitties era.

“DuckDAO Hunters” is our contribution to the NFT ecosystem and to our community. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes to produce a duck-based NFT collective game for our community, working with partners, game theorists, designers, artists, and storytellers to bring you an exhilarating experience.

What is DuckDAO Hunters?

Duck Hunters is an NFT collectible game where you can earn stablecoin prizes. The game consists of 48 cards each with their own rarity, story, and narrative. The first person that collects all of the 48 unique cards will be crowned champion and win a prize of $100,000 USD* in stablecoins.

Other prizes will also be available for runners-up.

Full details available in our Redpaper.

The prize pool will be funded in part through the initial NFT sale. The 48 cards will be released to the public over the course of the game. Cards will also be available on the secondary market on OpenSea and they can also be earned or received as a reward.

We’ve been working on the rules to make this game as fair as possible and provide everyone with a fighting chance for the grand prize. Cards will be offered as rewards for holding DDIM balances, participation in AMAs, support for social media campaigns.

They will also be purchasable via the regularly scheduled initial NFT sales planned. The plan for the first season is for it to last 3 months, which means that approximately 4 cards will be unveiled per week.

NFT Airdrop

To kickstart the event, we are going to airdrop a mix of four tier-one cards “Harold The Trader,” “Terry The Trader,” “Raj The Techie,” and “Zhang the Moonboy.” to DDIM holders. Each DDIM owner will receive 1 ticket for every 200 DDIM they hold in their wallet, meaning that if you hold 1000 DDIM, you will have 5 chances for winning an NFT in the airdrop.

The balances for this airdrop are already recorded in a snapshot, as we want to ensure that the most loyal members of our community are rewarded. We are considering airdrops and reward generating tasks in the near future as well, so follow our Telegram channel closely.

DuckDAO Hunters Telegram Group

To facilitate alignment between DDIM and DuckDAO Hunters, we have created a telegram group exclusively for the NFT collectible game.

Join the group and become a part of the inner circle of active players. Players in the telegram group may be invited to participate in exclusive lotteries for single drop cards.

Participation is optional (but encouraged) and will not affect any player’s ability to redeem any of the prizes.

Word of caution

The NFT marketplaces are filled with plagiarism and fake NFTs that use clever tactics to manipulate buyers into thinking they are purchasing original artwork. In order to avoid becoming a victim of these frauds, please ensure the following:

  • The token creator address of any DuckDAO Hunters NFT is 0x9d34c91d03809bc012768d8c608e862c0c985b81
  • The links you use are publicly displayed on the DuckDAO website or telegram group
  • Don’t trust links that you’ve received in a personal message. We will never PM you first.

We believe that the risks are extremely low if you keep to the official channels, however, we recognize that as the popularity of the DuckDAO Hunters NFTs grows, we will unfortunately also attract unwanted attention.

The highest risk is if you search for DuckDAO Hunters NFTs on the OpenSea and Rarible marketplaces.

We are working on getting our smart contracts verified by the OpenSea governance, so you will always have a way to identify valid NFTs. Until then, you can always reach out to us if you want to eliminate any suspicions regarding the originality of any collectible card in this game.

*Prizes are subject to change depending on sales performance.



DuckDAO is a community-backed digital asset incubator that provides promising early-stage crypto startups with the expertise, financial resources, and marketing power needed to fast track their progress on the path to success.

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