DuckDAO Launches Strategic Partnership With Legal Game-Changer PAID Network

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2 min readNov 13, 2020

Legal infrastructure worldwide has been slow to adapt to cryptocurrencies and their growing importance in global trade. As such, the need for projects that work to establish effective, enforceable cross-border contracts open to litigation on the blockchain is higher than ever.

Our latest strategic partner, PAID Network, is the world’s first borderless simplified contracts, litigation, payments, and legal system. It provides a borderless legal toolkit for all business needs, powered by Polkadot and DeFi.

PAID Network provides a sustainable ecosystem that provides a unique business experience, with no attorney fees, streamlined business contracts, fair dispute resolution, and DeFi features that offer insurance against malicious actors.

From our perspective, PAID Network is the embodiment of the legal movement and the struggles to incorporate justice on the blockchain.

We are happy to support PAID Network in its vision to redefine the legal system. By incorporating decentralized finance, PAID will eliminate expensive and unnecessary legal council, fragmented jurisdictions and empower the community with financial tools.

We wholeheartedly believe in the PAID team’s experience and energy, as they draw upon their collective experiences with Goldman Sachs, KPMG, Binance, BNY Mellon, Microsoft, Huawei, Deutsche Bank, Ripple, Bloomberg, Amazon, Shell, and other successful companies.

Regarding the partnership, PAID’s Founder & CEO, Kyle Chassé, said:

“We are extremely excited to be working with marketing heavyweights Duck DAO on bringing PAID Network into the limelight. Our strategic partnership will enhance our community-building and marketing strategies. We look forward to developing the PAID protocol together.”

About PAID Network

PAID Network is an ecosystem DAPP that leverages blockchain technology to deliver DeFi powered SMART Agreements to make business exponentially more efficient. We allow users to create their policy to ensure they Get PAID.

The PAID ecosystem provides tools for:

  • Simple Smart Agreements — Standardized contracts with autofill smart features.
  • Incentivized Lending & Liquidity Pools — Insurance pooling and escrow.
  • Arbitration — Insurance pooling and escrow disputes governed by community stakers.
  • Reputation Scoring — Execute business with people who are reputable.
  • Community Governed Crowdfunding — Redefining the agreements between projects and investors.

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