DuckDAO Welcomes SpykeFast as Community Partner

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2 min readNov 14, 2020

Our numbers grow with the introduction of the SpykeFast Community in our ecosystem. The SpykeFast Trading Community is focused on providing the best opportunities in crypto for its members. In a short period, they’ve helped more than a dozen projects raise $1 million USD.

Founded by HunterX and Gem Flair in July 2020, this relatively young community broke grew rapidly hitting more than 4,500 members after just four months. Both founders are well established Twitter influencers, active as early as 2017, and have helped thousands of people make their first steps in crypto.

The community regularly organizes AMA events with established and upcoming projects, one-page reviews with their “SpykePager” and other creative and unique events.

DuckDAO is proud to align with the SpykeFast Community, HunterX, and Gem Flair to bring more early-stage incubation projects and continue to cultivate a healthy, educated, and informed crypto community ecosystem.

Regarding the partnership SpykeFast co-founder, HunterX said:

“We are excited to join forces with DuckDAO and become one of the ducks. It brings us great pleasure and joy to be aligned with an emerging and trusted crypto community that works so hard to provide incubation-stage opportunities to the ecosystem.”

We see great potential in this partnership, with many opportunities to generate a lot of value for both communities in the near future.

About SpykeFast Community

Founded in July 2020, SpykeFast broke the growth speed limit and is speedrunning to become one of the largest Telegram crypto communities. Both of the founders, HunterX and Gem Flair, are experienced gem finders making it their profession to discover and invest in the best possible projects.

Through the SpykeFast Community, they’ve been able to create a platform that provides value to others in the community who can benefit from their insights.

Don’t let us just quack about it. See for yourself.

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